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  1. Ok, I'm sorry. I'm getting old and grumpy. Could you guys delete this whole thread?
  2. And now everything is working. Is there a ghost here perhaps?
  3. SAM connects when shutting down and turning off anti-collision lights, BUT doesn't disconnect when turning on anti-collision lights.
  4. Another thing. After setting up a jetway and saving it as a template, strange things happen. When I go back to some gate, the jetway doesn't start connected. In the XML file, all the "forDoorLocation="LF1" at the end of the lines disappear. All jetways door locations (LF1) reset to "none" in the plugin. It's workable, by rewriting it in the XML file, but this didn't happen before, and it's very confusing. What took hours to do, now takes days.
  5. After 3 hours setting SAM up on a scenery (SBBR), and saving SAM in the scenery, after restarting X-Plane, SAM was completely gone. All jetways were reset and no objects were configured anymore, and the "sam.xml" file disappeared from the scenery folder. Has anybody heard of this? I'm using the latest SAM version.
    Hi. I noticed that a docking system (Honeywell-AVDGS-5.5m.obj) didn't show at night. Looking at the file I saw that there was no LIT texture - and this is true to all the Honeywell-AVDGS files. I created a LIT texture and now it shows at night. Is there a reason why this docking is like that? Is it for day only or something? I love SAM and have it in many of my scenery. Hope to put it on ALL my airports in the future. axmiha.
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