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  1. Hi, is it possible to design custom jetway liveries e.g HSBC with SAM and is there going to be a forum where these liveries can be shared? Many thanks, Zak
  2. Of course! You're right, I was stupid. Thanks a lot and gr8 work Zak B
  3. Hi, I installed SAM yesterday and it is clearly better than autogate in every way... almost. Unfortunately (for me), when docking the jetway, it always gets absorbs somewhat into the aircraft and connects too high above the door (I tried the Zibo 738, the Toliss A319 and FF777 - I had the issue with all of them). My question really then is this, is this an issue that will be fixed, or have I done something stupid. I used overlay editor to install the jetways, Many Thanks, Zak B
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