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  1. Pls reduce the white outlines around the clouds, I noticed that from 1.10 to 1.11 and and it seems even worste now. Other than that it looks great.
  2. will the squares will be fixed in the next update ? and is there a timeframe ? like weeks or another year ?
  3. pls shots above clouds, it always looks good from below
  4. what is still missing ? it looks fantastic from day 1 ???
  5. God, I´m so ready for this one ! I just made a clean install of xplane, just waiting for you. I can´t stand all the other stuff when watching this thread. Pls hurry up, I want to fly :D
  6. hey captain, wanna earn ez 100 dollar, give me the download link now
  7. Hi guys, i follow this thread very closely One thing I am a bit worried about, or maybe 2. Will the noise artefacts stay or can you do something about that ? or is it just a limitation of noise rendering ? Second, can you show some towering CB clouds or something alike ? If you nail that, with the snow and everything (you just randomly introduced seasons into xplane xD ( i bet you can do something with texture coloring as well for autumn etc. ) ) you´ll get rich, cause everyone is buying it Greets
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