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  1. I was departing out of EGLL and when I noticed on the weather radar that there was some bad weather that we may fly through (highlighted red on the weather radar display) I turned on the anti-ice on (both engine and wing) prior to that. My aircraft then hit some heavy precipitation and turbulence around FL250 when I entered around the green part of the weather, and then my aircraft 'crashes' and I get a message on the top right corner that my aircraft crashed and that there were traces of ice found on impact, despite I had anti-ice on. I have no idea of this is a bug or this is normal as this never happened on the Zibo 738. (Anti-ice on, fly through the weather, all alright for the Zibo 738) UPDATE: It turns out if I just fly into a storm, the plane would still crash, I just happen to flown into one where that TAT is above 0 but still crashed as I exceeded the G-load limit (heavy turbulence may be the cause)
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