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  1. I think if I recall well multi screen is not yet supported by xenviro 1.10 ( is that 3x 1080p?sorry if I misunderstood). Anyway I'm not so happy to have "only" 20/30 fps ( I could maybe have more fps in some circumstances but I use v/sync half refresh rate). In my opinion xEnviro did a great job, the new approach is a whole different world and I'm sure they will improve the program but again as regards fps only Vulkan maybe can help us. (without xenviro I got the same fps because of cpu usage and my "expensive" card was useless..) Regards
  2. I understand your point of view but if you allow me without being impolite a gtx 1070 it's a bit short at 4k or up. I have a rtx 2080ti (8800K- 32GB ram) and even without xenviro I had to lower my settings. With Xenviro 1.10 I lost few fps compared to default weather in 4K (fps stay between 20-30 ). Hopefully vulkan will help. Anyway xenviro is a big step forward.
  3. For 4k you have to change resolution in xplane settings.
  4. Thank you cardajowol , It works now!
  5. HI, I have the same problem. I'm getting as well Cavok conditions and my license is valid from the about page.
  6. hi , your mode is awesome thank you very much for sharing. Just a little problem: Once the aircraft and flight are loaded there is an error message.
  7. Thank you Sir, working perfectly in manual mode with the FF 320. Amazing plugin and scenery !
  8. ok I'll do that only tomorrow. I'm out now. the plane is the A320FF cold and dark, Jetway is not connected when loading a flight. I tried to power up the plane (external power no engines) no way.
  9. Hi, included folders are GayaSimulations - LIMJ Genoa - Airport and GayaSimulations - LIMJ Genoa - Mesh I Attached a screenshot of LIMJ Genoa airport folder. Sam.xml is there ( hangars work but not jetways).Thanks for the propmt response.
  10. Hi, I have just bought the LIMJ scenery from the org store and after unzipping the files I have only 2 scenery pack folders. ( Don't have SAM_Library Mesh/ as wrote in the manual). Put the sceneries in my scenery folder ( I have downloaded and installed the sam plugin and put in the correct xplane folders ) once I'm at the airport gates don't work. Help appreciated. Thank you
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