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  1. Hello @RFPilot, I did not included both of these updates as I considered them to be minor, if more poeple think it should be added I could probably do so. Thanks for the suggestion I will take it into account.
  2. Dear flight sim enthusiasts, Here is a list of X-Plane developer Discords, constantly updated: *other than aircraft developers to come soon
  3. One year ago I started this thread, made the list to fill this niche and help the community. One year later, this thread has almost reached 20'000 views. THANK YOU!
  4. Very good start, the podcast is the right length and is very complete, needs fine tuning but you are on the right path!
  5. As always I am looking at new ways to make this list better! Any ideas, suggestions, things I could do better?
  6. @antony96 No news on the MAX just yet. As you probably know the team has been busy with piracy problems. Maybe one of the reasons.
  7. Hi willfibs, You should probably bring this to the Better Pushback support thread.
  8. Short announcement to everyone wanting to contribute. Please give the information in this format as said in the original forum post: Country [short name of the source] Clouds: 100% Color Match: 95% ZL: all 15-17=100% 18-19=85% If one of the parameter is not competed, your contribution is therefore not usable which would be a shame. Thank you!
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