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  1. Yes, I aslo hope more quality developers come to X-Plane. Thank you for the positive comments! For the Tristar, there is one already available not sure if it is good though.
  2. There is also 737CloudyBox that is streaming right now actually. Probably others but I don't know them.
  3. Not much but here are two ways of seeing the progress: 1:There are regular livestreams on Twitch by the BETA testers. 2:You can check the development here, there are a few screenshots: Thanks!
  4. Hello, Yes it is the same project, AFM is a partner of Torquesim. They have changed it yesterday now it is a Torquesim project. I forgot to change it, sorry!
  5. Thanks a lot for those kind comments! @Nightflyer
  6. Yes @joeing757, Ultimate has started BETA testing it. You can watch "737cloudybox" on Twitch that is part of the team I think that tests it. A public one has not been released yet.
  7. The difference is that we are getting some progress updates (I wish they would do more) on the Airfoillabs 350. They are very slow but at least there is some. On Milviz' side, we haven't gotten an in-sim preview of the ATR yet.
  8. Dear @Christophe, I have checked the links again and saw that two of the ASDG links were down. AirFoillabs is still good for me as the projects are on their website. (even though I don't think they will be coming any time soon) . For the "confirmed" status, I understand what you mean but couldn't come up with another one! Also, thanks for the kind comment!
  9. @russflyin I am not sure I can do much but you can ask the developer here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/forum/262-md-80-by-rotate/
  10. Thank you all for helping the list to reach more than 2'000 views in less than a month!
  11. The project seems to be abandonned. But I will be monitoring for some updates. Thanks!
  12. I really apologize for this error! For the new name I saw it and thought I had changed it but forgot :). Thanks for helping
  13. Do you mean public betas? If yes this is a great idea! I must just find where to put it.
  14. Thank you! I will modify the list taking in account your suggestions, thanks for helping!
  15. Yes, I also hope it releases this soon. I usually change status when I see a finish interior and that the beta has started. From what I saw on their thread they have just started modelling the side panel. This is why I will probably still keep it for a little while! Thanks
  16. Thanks I will ask Goran if the DC-3 is still under development and delete the 707. Thanks a lot for helping!
  17. I didn't know yesterday about any 737-700 on X-Plane but I saw the Jonfly stream and now i know
  18. Hello all! I made this list of all planes that will be available for X-Plane in the future. If I missed anything or if you are a dev wanting to add something, please message me or comment in this thread. This is updated daily! Hope this is useful and happy flying! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XGZ1udkLuOAkECU8Sgi2An-CknJCqIGdEcncTVgfUqI/edit?usp=sharing -doudoualexou
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