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    WHOWWW... what else can I say about this excellent plugin!!! I first downloaded version 1.02 and played around to get familiar with it and I was in awe to se how easily one could install and modify my favorite airports although I had a bit of a problem with the door height alignment at first. With this new update 1.0.3, it is near perfect ... This is exactly what was missing in X-Plane and from the looks of it, this will keep getting better in time! So my two thumbs up of the developer and a sincere thank you for all the hard work!
  1. Hello everyone, just like most people who posted in this thread, I started using flight simulators in the early days but didn't find it too appealing due to the poor resolution, etc... things got a little better with FS9, then I moved to FSX. At the time, I tried X-Plane 10 and liked the realism which was much better. When XP 11 came out, that's when I decided to drop FSX and play around with all the new features. I kept my FSX installed just to compare with XP 11 and I don't think I'll go back to flying with it again! The only thing I miss is all the good payware planes and airports/sceneries. Now that I found my new home and all the nice stuff from the community, I really enjoy X-Plane 11 and it keeps getting better by the day! I only discovered this website recently and I think it is very decent. Thank you for all your hard work, Taildrag
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