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  1. Now that we have just released our latest (and greatest) scenery, its time to start thinking about the future of ZDP. Over the years we have accumulated lots of knowledge and developed new workflows to enable us to create high quality scenery, but we have found we still are limited by one thing; manpower. For that reason we are very exited to host our first ever "Open Developer Application". We're looking to bring more people on to the team with the goal of enabling us to work on larger and more ambitious projects with more frequent releases. If you've ever done scenery development, or ev
  2. it is approx 1.2GB. Download time is dependent on your internet speed.
  3. 1,218 downloads

    Welcome to Alaska! Anchorage International (PANC/ANC) is the largest airport in the state of Alaska and serves as the main link to the lower 48 and Canada. It is the 5th busiest cargo airport in the world and the second busiest in North America. It serves as one of the last true tech stops in the world and provides a place to stop and refuel for more than a dozen cargo operators allowing them to fly between North America and Asia. Anchorage is base to more unique operations that perhaps anywhere else in the world. From the Everts MD-80 freighters to the only civilian C130 operator to some
  4. Really surprised and excited to see this. I just listened to the first episode and it was pretty good. Some minor fluidity issues to iron out but given it was a first episode I think it went very well and will be looking forward to listening to new episodes as they come out. I'd been kicking around the idea of making a flightsim podcast for the last year or two myself but never acted upon it as I didn't t think I could do it up to a good enough standard, so I am glad you made this because now I don't have to! On an unrelated note I've been considering shifting my presence over to threshol
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