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    Welcome to Seoul, South Korea! Incheon International Airport (RKSI/ICN) is the largest airport in South Korea, and is the primary international airport serving the Seoul metro area. It is one of the largest airports in the world and is one of the busiest in terms of both passanger and freight movements. Being a relatively new airport, it is built mostly on reclaimed land and implements some of the most modern technology found in airport design. Whether you want to fly a short hop across the Korean Peninsula or an ultra-long haul to one of many airports served from ICN, this scenery will suit all of your needs. Important note for anyone using AIRAC data from June 2021 or later You must install a modified version of the airport data in order for the scenery to work with some payware aircraft. Because the airport recently opened a new runway while we were in development, we were unable to implement it into this version of the scenery. Because of this change in runway configuration you must install this update to allow all aircraft FMCs to read the correct approaches. The new runway will be added in the future, however we must wait for appropriate reference imagery to become available. There is no timeline for when this update will be complete. To install, copy the Earth nav data folder from the "Scenery Variants" directory into your main RKSI scenery folder and overwrite all files. You will need to reload the sim (reloading the scenery without restarting the sim may cause it to crash or not reload correctly). Features mostly custom buildings somewhat accurate layout and signage pretty good FPS optimization marginally realistic 3d grass and ortho reasonably functional custom SAM jetways decently accurate grunge and dirt fully functional AI taxi routes probably high resolution 1k textures with PBR kinda accurate terminal interiors unofficially licensed by the Incheon International Airport Corporation and BTS Required Libraries MisterX Library v2.0+ SAM v2.0+ Installation Instructions: Download and move your unzipped rksi-incheon folder into your custom scenery folder Use xOrganizer, or delete your scenery_packs.ini to adjust your scenery load order if using our provided ortho. If you have issues with the scenery loading, most likely your load order is wrong. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Question: Does this include the new runway 16R/34L? Answer: No, since that runway is so new we were unable to get suitable reference imagery to implement it at the same level of quality as the rest of the airport. It will be added in a future update but we have no estimated release date for it. Question: Why can't I select an approach for runway 16/34 in my aircraft's FMC? Answer: You are using an AIRAC cycle which includes the new runway. You must install the patch mentioned in the highlighted section above. Question: Will this be updated to support xplane 12? Answer: Yes, we will update this for xplane 12. Due to the unknown changes with the new sim, we are unable to estimate how long it will take publish a compatibility update once xplane 12 is released. Question: I found a bug or issue with the scenery, who do I tell? Answer: Please send a message on our discord server (linked below) Citations/Credits ZDP Developers: StableSystem, Martini, Imran, awfsiu, TJ Additional Considerations to the following people YSLaurens#2763 르밴#0584 Tino MisterX Pyreegue World Imagery (orthophotos) Esri. "Imagery" [basemap]. Scale Not Given. "World Imagery". January 21, 2021. https://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=10df2279f9684e4a9f6a7f08febac2a9. (February 18, 2021). Please report any bugs on our discord server Official Zero Dollar Payware Discord This repository and it's contents are protected under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Assets used from other developers was done so with their knowledge and approval. Download Size: 1.0GB We don't ask for donations but if you feel so inclined you can do so here
  2. Now that we have just released our latest (and greatest) scenery, its time to start thinking about the future of ZDP. Over the years we have accumulated lots of knowledge and developed new workflows to enable us to create high quality scenery, but we have found we still are limited by one thing; manpower. For that reason we are very exited to host our first ever "Open Developer Application". We're looking to bring more people on to the team with the goal of enabling us to work on larger and more ambitious projects with more frequent releases. If you've ever done scenery development, or even just have translatable skills such as modeling and texturing, you are eligible to apply! We're looking for people with skills in one or more of the following categories. WED Scenery Design Modeling Texturing MFS Scenery Design MFS Asset Creation More information on what is involved with working for ZDP is included in the application. If you've ever wanted to make scenery for some of the worlds biggest airports, but thought it would be too much for just one person, now is your chance to join a team with the ability to do such projects! With a large and diverse team we gain the ability to make any airport in the world without requiring years of work and experience, and do it all with payware quality! ZDP Open Developer Application: https://forms.gle/j7gwB57M3p8rQeKY6 Applications will be open for 1 week (from today's date), after which point those who have been selected will be privately contacted. Note: due to digital age of consent restrictions we are not able to accept applications from anyone under the age of 16 and your information will not be recorded. Mods, feel free to remove if this goes against the rules.
  3. it is approx 1.2GB. Download time is dependent on your internet speed.
  4. 1,442 downloads

    Welcome to Alaska! Anchorage International (PANC/ANC) is the largest airport in the state of Alaska and serves as the main link to the lower 48 and Canada. It is the 5th busiest cargo airport in the world and the second busiest in North America. It serves as one of the last true tech stops in the world and provides a place to stop and refuel for more than a dozen cargo operators allowing them to fly between North America and Asia. Anchorage is base to more unique operations that perhaps anywhere else in the world. From the Everts MD-80 freighters to the only civilian C130 operator to some of the oldest flying fleets in the world, you can find just about every retro plane you can think of flying out of Anchorage. This airport has several xplane 11 exclusive features and as such it cannot be assured it will work with older versions. It has been developed for, and tested with, xplane 11 only. I want to give a huge thanks to Alex Siu for tons of help with modeling and texturing of more than 30 buildings around the airport. I am happy to announce the he will be joining the ZDP team to help work on all of our future projects. Features: Custom taxiways and runways Orthophotos 3D grass Custom buildings SAM Jetways, marshallers, and docking systems AI ground routes performance optimized Accurate to the real airport Ongoing development and updates Required Libraries: MisterX Library v1.6+ SAM Library v2.0+ Installation instructions: Click the 'Download this file' button on the top right corner of this page, you will be brought to a GitHub page Find the version you want to download (the first one listed is the most recent one, download that unless you have a specific reason not to) Click the 'Source code' link listed under the version you want to download. Both the .zip and .tar.gz are the same version of the airport, it is just a different type of file compression used, .zip is fine 99% of the time. Once you have the file download unzip it and move the folder to your "x-plane 11/Custom Scenery/" folder. That is it! If you had xplane running when you installed it you'll have to restart it for it to load. If you are not able to get it to load in the sim once you have it installed then check the section below for troubleshooting tips. Are there static aircraft? Static aircraft are supported by using the default static aircraft in xplane. To enable this, go to the graphics settings and check the "show parked aircraft" box. The gates are coded properly so you will get the correct aircraft type at them, however due to the limitations of default xplane aircraft you may not get the correct airlines. This scenery is entirely open source so if anyone wants to create a standalone package to add static aircraft using an external library I would be happy to feature it on this post. X-plane won't load the scenery properly? There are a variety of things which can cause you to not be able to load this scenery properly. Check that you unzipped the folder before you moved it to your custom scenery folder. If it is still a .zip file then you need to unzip it or it won't work. The most likely cause is having missing or out of date libraries. Check the 'Required Libraries' list above to make sure you have everything. Check that if you downloaded any of these libraries a long time ago they you have a new enough version for it to satisfy the requirements, if not then click whichever library you need to update and it will bring you to the page to get the newest version. If you want a easy way to see what library is your issue then find your log.txt in the x-plane 11 folder and scroll down until you see a message with a big box around it and that will tell you where it found the error. If you rename your libraries to organize your custom scenery folder check your log.txt and make sure it is not having trouble finding your library. This scenery was designed to not care what you name your folder but it is possible if a library changes that it will mess with the file path and cause issues. If this is the case you can fix it by changing the name back or editing the file(s) with problems to include the new file name (note that this may cause issues with other sceneries and we wouldn't recommend doing it). If the tips above did not help then try reading your log.txt and see if you can spot any errors related to the scenery it is throwing. Check the forum to see if anyone else is having your issue, you are probably not alone. If you really cannot figure it out and don't want to spend the rest of your Saturday troubleshooting (we've all done it and know how much it sucks) just send me a PM with your log.txt and we can work through it so you can get back to flying. Having performance issues or using an older computer? This scenery is designed for everyone and as such we have made an effort to optimize it for lower end systems without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality. Even though it is designed to run on lower end machines you might still encounter lag if you have older components or are using other mods which impact frame rates. There are a few improvements you can do to your scenery to further improve performance and tweak it to run the best for your system. What does the future of this scenery look like? This airport will be undergoing updates as they are needed. Bug fixes will come as they are reported (so report any bugs you find!). Don't worry if you don't hear anything, there is still development going on at ZDP, just check the discord to get the latest on what is going on behind the scenes. The airport will be getting a high fps variant for lower end machines in the next few days. *The screenshots shown were taken in a modded simulator, you may notice some minor differences. Mods used include ASXP, SAM seasons, world traffic 3, and a variety of payware aircraft. I don't need donations but if you feel so inclined you can do so here, all donations go toward buying source material for future scenery projects
  5. Really surprised and excited to see this. I just listened to the first episode and it was pretty good. Some minor fluidity issues to iron out but given it was a first episode I think it went very well and will be looking forward to listening to new episodes as they come out. I'd been kicking around the idea of making a flightsim podcast for the last year or two myself but never acted upon it as I didn't t think I could do it up to a good enough standard, so I am glad you made this because now I don't have to! On an unrelated note I've been considering shifting my presence over to threshold more lately. I'm liking where this website is going and after interacting in the threshold discord and dealing with the drama and stale-ness of the org it is pushing me here. Keep up the good work!
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