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  1. I am able to replicate the issue on my end. This will be resolved in the M20 11.30 full update coming in January.
  2. Weird, can you upload the log.txt from the X-Plane 11 directory?
  3. Coop1019

    M20 Collection 3.0.3 Hotfix

    I don't have a full list yet, but of course, Librain will be integrated
  4. Coop1019

    M20 Collection 3.0.3 Hotfix

    Hotfix B has just been uploaded, this only affects Mac users if they were experiencing the same issue. The new version is being uploaded to the stores as we speak.
  5. We have a fix for this: you can download it here https://forum.thresholdx.net/topic/503-m20-collection-303-hotfix/ This should work for you :) I am uploading the fix to the stores now.
  6. Disclaimer: This has not gone through a full testing process as we are making the update available ASAP. It looks like the latest Navdata is causing a (seemingly random) crash on some systems. Here is a small fix that should resolve the issue. The patch file is attached. Note: This update contains nothing new beyond 3.0.2 except for this bug fix. The next major update is coming soon. Update: Added Mac Fixes. This update is also being distributed to the stores in the main download package. https://afmsimulation.s3-accelerate.amazonaws.com/m20/M20 3.0.3 HotfixB.zip
  7. Coop1019

    White Screen OVIII

    No worries. Let me know if you run into any other issues.
  8. Coop1019

    White Screen OVIII

    Interesting, I think that this would only happen if the PFD is turned off in X-Plane’s view. Do you have any hardware switches or plugins that command the avionics switch on or off? Can you also upload your log.txt from when this happens? Thanks!
  9. Coop1019

    Rename ACF Files

    Thank you for the idea. Though it would be nice to do this, there would then be compatibility issues with icons and liveries between the Ovation 2 and 3. (Though this is minor, reducing the file size of our download is something we aim for). This should work for your use case (though make a backup or be prepared to redownload the M20 goes haywire): if you rename the "M20R.acf" "M20R_cockpit.obj" and "M20R_vrconfig.txt" changing only the "M20R" portion (keeping file extensions and everything after (and including) the underscores, it should work. Let me know if you have luck with this!
  10. Interesting, it looks like they were omitted from our manual on that page. I am marking that to get fixed in the next manual revision. To use, for now, the real manual should be accurate - the engine is tuned to match reality.
  11. Coop1019

    Updates for 11.30

    Our next update of the M20 will come after 11.30 is released (and stable) - it will have these new features. ?
  12. Coop1019

    Cockpit textures

    Possibly, I can't make any promises here, but I will look into it ?
  13. Coop1019

    Update for Better FMOD

    Hi Scott! There is quite a bit going on behind the scenes our current timeframe is getting the Pocket Rocket airplane out (torquesim.com) hopefully by early December. After that, all the new systems that I wrote for that (that are applicable) will make their way over to the M20 along with new sounds, avitab support, and some bug fixes. Expect that most likely mid-December. It should be an exciting rest of 2018 ?

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