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  1. Oh, I see. Hover your mouse on the left side of the screen and a little tab should appear. From there, click the menu, then open "Settings". From there you should be able to switch from the GNS to the GTN for the 3D object.
  2. This was fixed a while back with the latest update of the M20. If you haven't already, you will need to migrate your license (for free) to X-Aviation to access the latest version. Instructions can be found here: https://afms.im/FHLFNJ
  3. It has been a busy week due to the holidays, its a priority for this week though, but I can't give any ETA. We may push a plugin-only "hot fix" a few days prior to a general release to get a wider testing base. Make sure to check the discord in the next few days for news of that.
  4. Yes, this is due to the revamped XP oxygen system and how our previous custom system tricked X-Plane into being able to simulate hypoxia. This will be accounted for in the V4 update when we migrate to the new oxygen system.
  5. This was broken in the most recent update, we have a fix almost ready, we just are wrapping a few more bug fixes into it and we will release it.
  6. That sounds like something is not loading properly. After loading the plane in-sim, can you attach the file "log.txt" that is located in the root of the X-Plane 11 directory?
  7. It sure should, but I notice that isn't working. Bug logged.
  8. It is being put out in various steps, as we add the various things. You can be part of the public beta by joining our Discord server where I can add you to the testing group. Details in this blog post: https://afms.im/ByRcCB
  9. Ah, I see - it is a simple file directory problem. Please move the AFM folder so that the path looks exactly like: X-Plane 11/Aircraft/AFM. Right now the path you have set is X-Plane 11/X-Plane 11/Aircraft/M20 3.0.3/AFM/ Just moving the AFM folder should get you back up and flying! (note this directory dependency is being worked on so in the next version the AFM folder can be anywhere in the Aircraft directory and any subfolders within)
  10. Can you upload the log.txt file that is generated directly in the X-Plane 11 folder after loading the aircraft?
  11. Hi Ashley, You can find the speed brakes switch located on the left side on the pilot’s yoke. It is a small red button.
  12. Hi Ashley, I have responded to your support email, hopefully we can get you flying in no time.
  13. Hm, that seems like there may be some plugin trying to take over the autopilot or something, is anything like that installed on your system?
  14. That is definitely odd. Are you using any switch/ap external panels? I am trying to figure out what would interfere with the AP to cause it to not engage. Can you try deleting the M20R_prefs.txt file in X-Plane 11/Aircraft/AFM/M20R Ovation II and see if that stops the issue?
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