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  1. The plugin should be loading fine - as it looks OK in the settings menu. The battery might be dead, that might be the problem, you can charge it from the sidebar menu -> settings -> charge batteries
  2. Can you upload your log.txt file located in the X-Plane 11 folder? Grab this file after loading the Ovation 3 in-sim, so it has the applicable information. Thank you!
  3. Yeah, reinstalling the beta should hopefully work.
  4. And responding to why it doesn't work now with XGS, I am not sure - there must have been an update on their side recently? We obviously cannot control what plugins people have installed, XGS Landing Speed is currently our only known plugin that is not compatible with the aircraft. We are working on a way to circumvent this issue, but in the meantime, there are many other free landing speed plugins that do not rely on this library (which is designed for aircraft) to function.
  5. Interesting, it appears that the plugin doesn't even exist in your aircraft folder. Can you check the contents of your: "E:\X-Plane 11/Aircraft/AFM/M20R Ovation III/plugins" folder? X-Plane isn't even trying to load anything. I would recommend reinstalling the aircraft as it appears that somehow files were deleted/removed (possibly some over-active antivirus?) from the plugins directory.
  6. It looks like the XGS plugin is installed. There is a compatibility issue with the library that plugin uses, so it doesn't work with our aircraft. (We both use libacfutils, but since their plugin loads before any aircraft plugins, their older version of libacfutils loads before our newer version, causing X-Plane to throw an error and not load our plugin)
  7. It looks like the folder "AFM" from the download is inside the "Extra Aircraft" folder. The "AFM" folder needs to be directly inside the "X-Plane 11/Aircraft" folder so it looks like "X-Plane 11/Aircraft/AFM" it should load up properly then. Additionally, the flight model should work on Linux, but not much else due to the plugin not supporting Linux.
  8. That issue has not been reported or replicated. It could address that issue, I will look into it.
  9. Thanks for reporting these! The glareshield lighting bug is logged and will be fixed in v4 The auto-placement of popup windows based on cursor window may be changed - we might add a toggle option in settings to switch between open at the cursor or open at predefined spots. Saving of where it was popped out is not currently planned. The 2D cursor is already fixed in the v4 cycle - if you aren't part of it, you can get access to the v4 prerelease versions through our discord. Just PM me (@Coop) your order number and I can give you access to the channel.
  10. Can you attach your "log.txt" file that is located in the "X-Plane 11" folder. This file is overwritten each time you launch X-Plane, so please load the M20 in X-Plane, quit X-Plane then send the log file.
  11. The AP Power switch underneath the MFD switch will make the Autopilot work Acclaim documentation is currently in the works - you can use the Ovation 3 manual for systems information, and the real Acclaim manual for performance from here . Happy flying!
  12. Coop1019

    18 March 2019 WIP Update

    This aircraft will now be under the "TorqueSim" brand and the 3D modeling will be even better!
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