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  1. Coop1019

    18 March 2019 WIP Update

    This aircraft will now be under the "TorqueSim" brand and the 3D modeling will be even better!
  2. Hi, Thanks for the feedback! Version 4 will bring a lot of features, you can see our current planned feature list here . Regarding your comments: Walk around mode is currently not planned, maybe after v4 though Will be added in the v4 cycle Will be added in the v4 cycle Will be added in the v4 cycle Already implemented in code - should be in the next 4.0 public beta Currently not planned due to lack of documentation on this feature in lib rain. Possibly in the future. Happy flying!
  3. Awesome! All the commands start with the prefix afm and are visible in the command browser. They should all be self-descriptive, but if you have more questions let me know. For the switches, there are both Toggle commands and Up/Down commands.
  4. Interesting. I will look more into this. For operations, until I can figure this out, the High Boost Pumps are not necessary for normal operations, only needed when the engine fuel pump fails, so the standard boost pump should work just fine.
  5. Hi TIPAH, Yes, every function in this aircraft can be toggled by our (custom) commands. These commands are published to the X-Plane Command interface and can be toggled by keystrokes, buttons, etc. If you have any question about a specific command, I am more than happy to help. The gauges do use custom datarefs (all are published to dataref-editor for viewing), but the values are based on the native X-Plane engine datarefs, so both will display similar values. Regarding FPS, the plane performs quite well on my system, on par or better on FPS to other high-quality payware aircraft.
  6. Glad to hear that fixed it. Attached is an image of where the clickspots are for the High Boost Pump switches. The cover needs to be unlatched by clicking below where the switch is. Let me know if this works:
  7. Thank you for the log. I can see from this that the rudder pedals are being loaded in by X-Plane, but I can't see much more than that. Since our aircraft doesn't touch the toe breaks (we only trigger the X-Plane failure after real hard landings, but that is instantly visible in the X-Plane default failure page) I think it may be a joystick calibration/config issue. Can you try backing up, then removing these files inside X-Plane 11/Output/preferences: X-Plane Calibration.prf X-Plane Joystick Settings.prf X-Plane Keys.prf And removing the M20R_prefs.txt files from inside the X-Plane 11/Aircraft/AFM/M20 *version you prefer*/ folder. Let me know how this works!
  8. Glad you found the menu. Interesting that the breaks aren’t working, I currently can’t reproduce this issue on my end, it could be something with 11.32.
  9. The plane should certainly have breaks, can you check the AFM Maintenance menu and see if they are failed?
  10. Found the issue. The "AFM" folder is required to be directly inside the X-Plane 11/Aircraft folder and not inside any sub-folders. If you move the "AFM" folder back a layer, the plane should work. Let me know if this fixes the issue
  11. The current version on the store is 3.0.3, the version.txt is just mislabeled. I responded to your other post in Bug Reports where we can debug.
  12. Can you upload your log.txt file so I can take a look?
  13. Fixed in Public Beta 4.0.0 PB1. If you are interested in testing out the public beta, see here for instructions:
  14. Hi Everyone. We have started Public Beta testing of V4.0 of the M20! If you own the M20 and want to be part of the testing group, join our discord here: https://discord.gg/Vkv2Eew And PM me (Coop #1019) your order number. I will then add you to the testing group.
  15. We have decided to depreciate our auto-updater. It was causing more issues than fixing, so we have decided to stick with patch files until we reach a better solution. Thank you, everyone, who helped test out our installer. We hope to have a better solution in the future.
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