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  1. The manual is a very good idea, so that we all can explore more deeply this fantastic plugin. Please keep us up tp date. I'm glad you can claim not that it is working on Mac as well. ? Thanks again, great job!! ??
  2. Excellent man!! Now it is working, and I have to say, it seems to work really well!! Thanks for this plug in, as well as for your support.. All the best!! ???
  3. Here it is.. ? FlyWithLua_Debug.txt
  4. So, what basically the flywithlua_debug.txt file says about this script is: [001004] FlyWithLua Error: The error seems to be inside of script file Resources/plugins/FlyWithLua/Scripts/FlyAgi_Tweak_Utility_Launcher.lua [001005] FlyWithLua Debug Info: Sorry, no debug Info on stack. [001006] FlyWithLua Debug Info: Debug file written to "<<x-plane dir>>/FlyWithLua_Debug.txt". [001007] FlyWithLua Debug Info: Debug file written to "<<x-plane dir>>/FlyWithLua_Debug.txt". Please let me know.. ?? Thanks!
  5. I tried it of Mac, and as soon as the script id loaded, Lua stop working. Removing the two files and the new created folder, reloading all the Lua scripts, everything works. I really would love to have it working on Mac. Any suggestion? Any way I can help? Thank you! ?
  6. I've looked everywhere, and it seems that there is no mention about Windows/Mac. Is it working on Mac? Why such important information seems to be missing? ? Thanks!
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