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  1. hey guys im woundering if there is any way to edit the zibo 737 sounds i found this sound on xp fourms it says for defualt 737 and zibo if anyone can help me or knows how to edit it please let me know cause i like the wistle sound when you get the into the middle of the 737 if anyone does not know what m talking about here is a sound preview if anyone can help me that would be awsome thanks from csimms and i will post a link to the sound pack i found https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/40037-b737-x-perience-for-default-boeing-737-800-xp11/ Swa 737-700 cabin tour (Evolve) (mp3cut.net).mp3
  2. hey guys im having a problem with zibo 737 when im taxing i use the rudder pedals and when i turn for some reason it slowly turns sometimes taking the plane off the taxi way is there a way to fix that or is there any tutorials on how to taxi the plane right if anyone can help me sort this issue out that would be great thanks from csimms
  3. hey guys i got to liss a319 psa american livery and some other liveires as well on the wing tips they are not painted orange or any color of the planes wing tips when i downloaded the livery they were if anyone can help me with this issue that would be great thanks from csimms
  4. hey guys can anyone make the westjet frozen plane for the zibo 737 800 here is the plane info plane type Boeing 737-800 tail # 810 : reg C-GWSV if anyone can make this plane for the zibo 737 800 please messege me back thanks from csimms frozen 3.jfif frozen 2.jfif
  5. my problem is that i only have one southwest livery not all 3
  6. hi guys i have a problem with the 737 700 not all my liveries are not showing up like the southwest gold and the southwest hart livery the only livery i get is the canyon blue livery if anyone can help me sort this problem out that would be awesome thanks from csimms
  7. hi i have xp 11 on steam and when i load the 737 900 aircraft the loading bar load s for a bit then it exits out of game completely if anyone can help me with this issue please message me back thanks from c simms
  8. please msg me back if anyone can help
  9. hey, guys, can anyone help me with version 3.30 when I add the split winglets 1 get the winglets not filled in all the way and 2 on the left winglet inside it's a little higher then the right here are some pics if anyone can help me as soon as possible that would be great thanks from csimms
  10. no hitting g on the keyboard puts the landing gear thing in the middle not all the way up
  11. i start with engines running on Zibo and some times cold and dark
  12. hey guys i have a huge issue with zibo737 800 when I take off I try to put up my landing gear and it does not go up and when I switch into landing mode it starts off with my landing gear up and does not come down and also my autopilot does not work also i try to turn the switch on and nothing happens and no lights turn on please help me as soon as anyone can thanks from csimms
  13. here is some of the pics of the issue im haveing please msg back as soon as anyone can
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