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  1. Hello together, 1st of all THANK YOU for great work! Could somebody create an fictional Lufthansa paint, respectively can issue link if already exists? Many thanks in advance
  2. Dear Ron, "This was asked way back and the simple answer was it could be, but won't be. There are issues with copyrights from the people making the csl aircraft models, especially around the SAM payware license." -> Could you please link the source of what you mentioned? "Also it would mean configuring hundreds of aircrafts by hand" -> OK, but IMHO programming and software developing usually needs efforts. But mostly many things could be automated by code to fill with content, isn't it? "and not to mention the demands on processor and framerate drop" -> Why? How you want to know that? Many thanks in advance for your feedback Best wishes
  3. Hi Marten, kindly want to ask if it is/ could be possible that SAM serving dock jetways, or interact to AI traffic aircrafts, respectively to 3rd traffic plugins like World traffic or XLife? Many thanks in advance for feedback. Have a nice weekend, schönes WE, guten Rutsch, happy new year. Best wishes Danny
  4. Hi, this information would be very interesting for me, as well. This would be great and I could save a lot of storrage space and delete the winter orthos for Germany... Many thanks for update Send Best wishes and not at least best success with threshold forum
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