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  1. Slowly, these questions are being answered by further reading and video watching. Don't mind me...Nothing to see here...LOL
  2. Good day everyone, I scrolled diagonaly through the SDK texts found on the x-plane sdk site. I admit I am not finished reading that, however, I would need help understanding how a plugin' development, from a Visual Studio directory/file structure, goes (or is migrated to) the X-Plane directory. It seems that the code samples are not compiling properly and Visual Studio is at a loss to locate files, that seem not to be where they should be, or refuses to start win.xpl, which I don't think it should even try at all, but yeah. Does anybody as a comprehensive explanation of how that works? Thanks !
  3. I got acquainted with Xplane back in th early days. But never touched it, as-in; buy, install and use. I was a MSFS person. Now on track to build an actual FTD at home, I chose X-Plane after seeing where its development has brought it, on the Sim scene. I have programmed in C++ on the Borland-Builder plateform years ago, but continued on to code at work only in MS Office VBA' environment, so I am a little rusted on today' implementation of C++. I will need to develop the code to interface real instruments to x-plane. My cockpit will be modular and disassembly must be easy and fast. I predict a connector heaven. My main concern will be around get_ and set_ aspects as I will then interface this back end data to an ARINC429 bus on the front end. I hope I can find freindly help into setting up this development environment. Regards, Anne
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