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  1. The .org was accessible at one time from TapTalk. Some reason or other they discoed it. I think this would be an inexpensive alternative for Threshold to creating an app for iOS or any other platform. TapTalk worked pretty good imo ;) Just my 2.5 cents!
    FIGURED OUT A WAY TO DOWNLOAD! When you get the Whoops page, just go to the upper right of the webpage and click on the folder icon. You will have an option to save to your google drive. If it's not there in the upper right, click on the share icon (you'll find it!) and just close out that window...then reload the page and the folder icon should be there...maybe try having your google drive web page open in a different tab in your browser to expedite this process. I just re-created this, so it should work! Good luck people! I'll try to keep an eye out if anyone has problems. Not sure if I will be able to log on from my phone but if I am near this computer, I'll answer whomever!
  2. Nice to see a new place for X-Plane. I started using a flight simulator back when MS first released one. I remember the frustration trying to fly with the keyboard and mouse, but did do it! The last twelve or so years has been mostly dedicated to X-Plane 9,10 and 11. Since I got my wings flying a 172 and 310 back in the 80's, adjusting to the dynamics of a sim was not that hard. Unless you are talking tubes..that's what I wanted to learn and I must say, my approaches and landings at first were way too fast (tho I did survive most of them haha). I decided to get serious in learning the big planes and after about a year, I had it down. Went as far as building a cockpit (737) with most of the bells and whistles. Then....VR. That changed alot of things as well as saved alot of space in my 'cockpit'. I still keep all and use all the equipment (must peak for some of them) but the physical instrument panel is now in my basement along with some other items. VR is amazing..you are there..in the cockpit and can see behind you when looking at the runway on a DW to base (oh yea, I still fly the GA ac, some of the new ones being excellent!). And lastly, X-Plane has come far and is by far the best one there. I salute the people at Laminar Research for their excellent work! Thank you Speaking of which...not much time for me today, and I need to tuck in a flight really fast! Later people
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