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  1. Same issue, i can't install SAM . @Marten@Stairport Edit: 14/09 SAM Suite is working again
  2. Why xEnviro team don't do as Hifisimtech and insted of release 1.14 to public as "final version" release as "Beta 1.14" to avoid issues like on 1.12 that were fix on 1.13? Receiving some feedback from community and just after that release the "final version", i think that it would be better.... I do not mean a real public beta, just the "final version" called as Beta for a short while for general feedback.
  3. @Captain Kitten That plan that you had mentioned will be on action on version 1.11? (Increase the performance and the resolution at same time) or you are is woking on it but will be available later?
  4. @audiobirdxp Why in the first version of 737-700 in EFB was "737-700" on upper left and in latest version is "737-800"? Was it just a typo? Thanks; XP 11.33r2, Win 10, 737-700 (4K)
  5. A bug with the weights shown on EFB. 737-800 ZFW with 737-700 TOW, a little confusion. On MCDU it's normal. Win 10, XP 11.33r2
  6. It's more common to find this model at airports in South America. Some examples of airports that use this model: SBSP, SBRJ , SBBR, SBSV ,SBCT , SBMO
  7. Can you add this safedock in a future release (or something like this), please?
  8. Will be fantastic to finally have a decent weather engine for X-Plane!
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