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  1. hello, i wonder why switching the GRD PWR switch to ON causes the sound it makes. i mean the clunky weird bump sounds. it sounds like someone throws a heavy metal box through the cockpit.... same goes for the sound when GRD PWR or APU power is disconnected from the plane. i find it very annoying partly because i do not understand what makes that sound. i would really appreciate it if someone told me what makes it sound the way it does. and i would like to know how to change the sound to something else. cheers
  2. good day fellow virtual pilots, here is my latest project: the first edition of "The Flying Dutchman" fictional livery. this livery represents the southern part of The Netherlands. its shape is on the tail. if you want to have this livery, feel free to download from here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1scm1db64E3d52KZiycK5a2y-9utTDesc EDIT 1: i have made a new version of this livery. you can download it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D0Cyd2qCcczFB8cxkb3UyKwyzIG8vh4A ( it is the V2 version ) it is my intention to make a livery for each province of The Netherlands.
  3. Nelis1846

    Nelis1846's screenshots

    unedited. pure. raw. what is seen on all the screenshots is my X-Plane 11 as i play it. information about my PC : CPU .............. Intel Core i7-3770K @ 4.2Ghz MEM ............. Klevv Genuine ( white LED ) 32GB DDR3-2133 GPU .............. msi Aero GTX 1070 8GB MOBO .......... Asus Sabertooth P67 OS ................ Windows 10 64-bit information about my X-Plane settings : Visual Effects ............... High ( HDR ) Texture Quality ............. Maximum Antialiasing .................. 4x SSAA Draw shadows on scenery ........ enabled Vsync .........................
  4. hello @zibo, for some reason i can not see the taxi light source when i look at the aircraft from the outside. the light beam is there but not the light source.... information: Zibo 737-800 3.33h
  5. Hello @zibo, i am really enjoying the Zibo 738. but there is just one thing that keeps me from enjoying it to its fullest: it is an airliner. i like freighters. a lot. i could ofcourse make a livery that does not have the windows on the outside but the model itself still has the passenger cabin. obviously the cargo version does not have that. i do not really care if you or someone will make a cargo version that does not actually have the cargo hold modeled. i would be very happy with a 738 that does not have the passenger cabin. if i knew how to do that myself, i would do so. but i do not
  6. Nelis1846

    Xephyr's Best Shots

    @Xephyr i appreciate you taking the time to send me the link. i have now tried the preset but i do not like the colors so i will stick to my own preset for now. your preset looks very different on my screen than what i supposed it would look like. but thank you anyway for your effort.
  7. Nelis1846

    Xephyr's Best Shots

    @Xephyr you are welcome. i wonder how you made your sim look like that. if it is ReShade, i would really like to try the adjustments you have made through ReShade.
  8. Nelis1846

    Xephyr's Best Shots

    hello Xephyr, i really like those screenshots. i have a question about them: have any of those screenshots been edited afterwards or does your X-Plane look like that?
  9. hello fellow virtual pilots, here are some screenshots of my fictional "Virgin World" livery for the Zibo 738X. normally i refrain from any reference to real-world airlines but this one is different to me because of its name. that is why i chose to make this livery and fly it. if there is anyone interested in this livery, check the download link below. download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GVZBOvtyGZukmkVxFsFkRvGfGnIFz6vB
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