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  1. Maybe. I cannot decide. I would like to fix it and thought with texture it would be easier and less heavy on system wise.
  2. Late spring. I want to do a wider range and cover as many as possible cabin options. Also found a solution to not touch the acf for the installation and it takes time to be implemented. in the meantime if there is any not obvious info about cabins, I would appreciate to get it in priv. What is essentially interested, high quality photos on seats especially the leather or textile covers. Furthermore the position of the jumpseats and other additional cabin furniture or equipment.
  3. No Jumpseats at the emergency exits? Do you have pictures? If yes please send me them in private message.
  4. Perfect! Do they have two different furnished cabin? The second picture shows different seats. Nevertheless that is also an Airbus and I have made that seats also however I have to modify them a little bit.
  5. Thanks. Do you have any idea or picture how the back of the seats at the emergency exit and the front next to it looks like?
  6. Thanks. They use the same seats as the American Airlines for Transcontinental flights. I already prepared. Therefore I am definitely going to make a La Compagnie layout. Do you know which exit configuration they use on their Neo?
  7. Same idea in my head too. However it should reach a some kind of stability first on the texture file wise. We are working currently on Jetblue Mint, Delta, American Airlines textures together with new objects. Nevertheless if anybody want to contribute and feel themselves comfortable in texturing let me know.
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