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  1. First we’d like to finish -or at least reach a certain point- the Toliss planes mod. Until this we don’t think to consider to cover any other planes.
  2. I am sure! It is already prepared. Lufthansa/TAP and Air France/La Compagnie. Check the video. We are waiting for the A321 update. Neo addon will be necessary.
  3. Toliss A319 Cabin Mod Sets are out! https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/71679-toliss-a319-cabin-mod-sets-cms/
  4. On my side everything is ready. We are waiting for the A319 update and later the A321. Obviously their priority is the A340. However as far as I know the beta update of the A319 will be released very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. It would be challenging. There is not enough info about it. Furthermore there is no ACT for the A319. Nevertheless if you have any info send me directly.
  6. April We should wait until the implementation of the solution to be able to install it easily. Worth it to be patient. Which airlines do you wanna fly?
  7. I tried several things. I remade the window hole itself, I made an objects to cover the existing window hole. But finally if I compare the window with the surrounding environment the painting is the closest to the real life.
  8. Maybe. I cannot decide. I would like to fix it and thought with texture it would be easier and less heavy on system wise.
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