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  • NOTE! It is expected that you are the sole creator of the files you upload or part of a team and/or have permission from all involved. Only trusted members and recognized developers are allowed to upload files. 1st class members have a limited upload permission of 500MB /month. If you want to be able upload before reaching 1st class, you will have to contact a Captain or crew to get these privileges.

    Use the folder structure shown on the right! And choose the right category for your file. You will get the choice where to upload. Repeated offences will lead to withdrawal of upload privileges and in worst case a block from the forum. The rest on how to upload should be self explanatory.

    image.png.03f02dac1be2dcee658302e4a30e5541.png Go to the download page

    image.png.db8534169e63d785e17b90e13268dfb6.png                                                                 and press Submit a file 

    image.png.1e0d1a269ac62d984ef8d5bee624546b.png then choose a category


  • What is allowed to be uploaded?

    • X-Plane 11 related files ONLY!
    • NO ortho imagery is allowed
    • Categories that are allowed without exceptions:
      • Aircraft
        • Models | Liveries | modifications
      • Sceneries
      • Utilities
  • There is an upload limit of 512MB per file for any member. This is locked down in the PHP forum back end and can not be bypassed by Threshold. I have been told that larger files can be uploaded, but there is no guarantee that it will work. So any files above 512MB will be hit and miss. If you have a file that you want to upload a larger file, then send a Captain a PM and we will see what we can do. We have made a FTP server for situations like these. It might involve an upload fee because of the extra cost and labor. 

  • Highest Rated Submitters


    1. MjonesGA2019
      1 file  · 


    1. Captainjakob
      1 file  · 
    2. MjonesGA2019
      1 file  · 
    3. Canada4XPlane
      3 files  · 
    4. NordenRaider
      7 files  · 
    5. FSC Development
      FSC Development
      1 file  · 


    1. 19adam99
      10 files  · 
    2. Canada4XPlane
      12 files  · 
    3. X-Plane Development Pro
      X-Plane Development Pro
      76 files  · 
    4. shenherm
      20 files  · 
    5. Chris Maver
      Chris Maver
      20 files  · 

    All Time

    1. Delta_Who
      26 files  · 
    2. Argaeus
      10 files  · 
    3. Fscabral
      24 files  · 
    4. X-Plane Development Pro
      X-Plane Development Pro
      79 files  · 
    5. shenherm
      61 files  · 

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