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Found 7 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    BetterM20 improves the cockpit textures of the AFM Mooney Ovation II. I've only done the Ovation II and I'm not sure I will do the others because this was quite a lot of work. What was changed? - Too many artwork changes to list: panel color, attitude indicator color, weathering/wear and tear, ambient occlusion, etc. - Many edits to the normal maps (most of these edits prevent sunlight from peaking through the panel where it shouldn't - an X-Plane issue) - Many changes to thee ambient occlusion (ambient light shadowing) Installation Step 1: Place the "objects" folder in your root Mooney Ovation II folder. ("X-Plane 11/Aircraft/AFM/M20R Ovation II") Step 2: Merge and replace files when needed. Step 3: Enjoy BetterM20! AFM's Mooney can be purchased here. I highly recommend it.


  2. Disclaimer: This has not gone through a full testing process as we are making the update available ASAP. It looks like the latest Navdata is causing a (seemingly random) crash on some systems. Here is a small fix that should resolve the issue. The patch file is attached. Note: This update contains nothing new beyond 3.0.2 except for this bug fix. The next major update is coming soon. Update: Added Mac Fixes. This update is also being distributed to the stores in the main download package. https://afmsimulation.s3-accelerate.amazonaws.com/m20/M20 3.0.3 HotfixB.zip
  3. Edit for Access, see here: https://afms.im/Oc3vQf Hi Everyone. We have started Public Beta testing of V4.0 of the M20! If you own the M20 and want to be part of the testing group, join our discord here: https://discord.gg/Vkv2Eew And PM me (Coop #1019) your order number. I will then add you to the testing group.
  4. *Windows Only, but it may work in Wine on Mac, but that is untested* We are excited to make available our "auto" updater for the M20 Collection. This is not automatic in that it runs with the sim, but automatic in that it will grab the latest version for you! This is in Alpha but is quite simple. How it works: running this Application will download the latest installer file from our servers and download the needed files. After it downloads, simply point it to your X-Plane directory and you will be up to date! Simply download the Autoupdater REMOVED and save the .exe somewhere most convenient. If you prefer to just download the latest installer via link instead, simply save this link, it won't change: REMOVED UPDATE: We have decided to depreciate our auto-updater. It was causing more issues than fixing, so we have decided to stick with patch files until we reach a better solution. Thank you, everyone, who helped test out our installer. We hope to have a better solution in the future.
  5. Here is a small update to improve the flying experience, by squashing bugs, tuning settings, and improving usability. Changelog: VR Yoke Causing CTD VR Flap Handle now works VR Config files improved Range Buttons on GNS530/430 fixed Yoke Show/Hide was backward 150% Zoom fixed hover icons with side menu Tuned Engine Failure sensitivity Tuned Random Failure sensitivity (should occur with half the frequency now - 1/100,000 odds per second) Tuned Flap Actuator sensitivity Tuned engine temperatures Ovation 3 G1000 Delta Peak was not displaying, fixed Glass too Opaque, fixed  To Install: Option 1 (Windows Only): Use our Autoupdater, run the application and it will grab the latest patch installer. If you do not have the Autoupdater, grab it here: Removed Option 2: Download the latest Patch Installer from here (Windows Only): REMOVED Option 3: Download the Patch Zip file (All Platforms): https://afmsimulation.s3-accelerate.amazonaws.com/m20/M20+3.0.2+PATCH.zip Option 4: Reinstall the Aircraft from the Store of Purchase's Download. AFM Store (https://afmsimulation.onfastspring.com/account) or Threshold (https://store.thresholdx.net/) ***** UPLOAD STATUS - AFM STORE: UPDATED- THRESHOLD STORE: UPLOADING*****
  6. Here is quick hotfix to add a new feature and fix a few bugs that were found: Changelog: XSaitekPanels Support for Logitech/Saitek Switch and Radio Panels. Files are preinstalled. Oxygen Control Knob now spins properly DG/Slew on Ovation II now works properly Right Clicking on G1000 now does not cause a CTD. To Install: Option 1: Download the Patch Zip file (All Platforms): https://afmsimulation-useast.s3-accelerate.amazonaws.com/m20_main/M20+3.0.1+PATCH.zip Option 2: Reinstall the Aircraft from the Store of Purchase's Download. AFM Store (https://afmsimulation.onfastspring.com/account) or Threshold (https://store.thresholdx.net/) ***** UPLOAD STATUS - AFM STORE: UPDATED - THRESHOLD STORE: UPDATED *****
  7. We are out of Early Access! What does this mean? This plane is ready for everyone. We will still continue updating it, but we feel that we have passed the stage where we need to brand the product as early access. Features: New Cabin 3D Model including sidewalls and seats New 3D people in exterior views Maintenance Manager including wear and random based failures, both of which can be disabled Manipulators improved VR Compatibility improved Now On XPLM301 SDK, X-Plane 11.20+ Required Support for Threshold Store Removal of DDS textures to improve storage usage and increase reliability Bug Fixes: Menu Titles Fixed Livery Icons Fixed Engine CHT Simulation Fixed Electrical Page button removed from Ovation 2 How to Install: This is a massive update. This update requires manually removing the prior version due to changes in file structure. To make the update as easy as possible, reactivation will not be needed if you follow these installation instructions. Delete the following folders inside "X-Plane 11/Aircraft/AFM": "M20R Ovation II", "M20R Ovation III", M20TN Acclaim. Download the latest version from store.afmsimulation.com/account Install the "AFM" folder in "X-Plane 11/Aircraft" and overwrite when prompted Launch the aircraft! Reactivation will not be needed.
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