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Found 25 results

  1. I can't seem to work it all out! I've been watching videos but they don't help. Can someone help please? I am just wanting to add marshallers, guiding systems and moving jetways into different airports. I am not creating any airports/scenery though.
  2. From the album: Best of Everyone

    © HDSimulations Photography/Trell Brown

  3. From the album: Best of Everyone

    © HDSimulations Photography/Trell Brown

  4. From the album: Best of Everyone

    © HDSimulations Photography/Trell Brown

  5. From the album: Best of Everyone

    © HDSimulations Photography/Trell Brown

  6. From the album: Best of Everyone

    © HDSimulations Photography/Trell Brown

  7. From the album: Best of Everyone

    © HDSimulations Photography/Trell Brown

  8. From the album: Best of Everyone

    © HDSimulations Photography/Trell Brown

  9. From the album: Best of Everyone

    © HDSimulations Photography/Trell Brown

  10. From the album: Best of Everyone

    © HDSimulations Photography/Trell Brown

  11. From the album: Best of Everyone

    © HDSimulations Photography/Trell Brown

  12. From the album: Best of Everyone

    © HDSimulations Photography/Trell Brown

  13. From the album: Best of Everyone

    © HDSimulations Photography/Trell Brown

  14. From the album: Best of Everyone

    © HDSimulations Photography/Trell Brown

  15. © Trell Brown

  16. Version 1.0


    My Southwest Airlines "Desert Gold" livery pack for the Ultimate 737-700 Comes with cockpit placards, custom interior, custom configurations, custom GPU, etc NOTE: LIVERIES COME WITH THE CORRECT CONFIGURATIONS PRE-INSTALLED; i.e. All WN -700s do *not* have LED lights. All current Desert Gold liveries (N711HK and N714CB) are not equipped with scimitars and all previous Desert Gold liveries never flew with scimitars (scimitars weren't even invented for the 737 during the time many of these liveries flew). I *highly* recommend you leave the configurations alone. Aircraft Included: N707SA - Very first Boeing 737-700 produced. Flew without winglets for an extended period of time before being retrofitted. I've included winglet textures if you wish to fly with them. N739GB - Very first "Desert Gold" livery to be fitted with blended winglets N798SW - Standard Desert Gold livery that flew with "southwest.com" winglets (this was exceedingly rare) N711HK - Herbert D. Kelleher Special decal N711HK (mismatched cowling) - Herbert D. Kelleher Special decal with the engine no.1 having a mismatched cowling. N742SW - Nolan Ryan Express special decal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Thanks and Credit to: - Weston Hall of Plain and Simple Repaints for his excellent (and correct) -700 wing textures and SWA knowledge - FSCabral for his excellent engines and window textures - PepuPilot for his wingtip textures on non-wingleted aircraft -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Free free to request liveries! Please do not redistribute this livery or parts of this livery without permission
  17. Version 1.1


    Due to popular demand, I converted my -800 United livery to the -900ER. Includes a custom interior, custom .nmls (normalmaps) for engine cowling reflections and custom .nmls for the fuselage. Once the -900ER is updated to current -800 standards, I'll go back and update this livery as well as include more in a package. Special thanks and credit to: fscabral for his amazing engine textures MSkinner04 for his assistance with the configurations ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to request liveries! Please do not redistribute this livery or parts of this livery without permission
  18. X-plane 11 Screenshots. Thought i would make a new topic dedicated to x-plane screenshots. Don't know if this will be used or not but heck it Share your flights! Rules: no spam, Also make sure you give notice if images are edited or not. And remember Max 3 images per post!
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Hello Guys! M;y 1st ever livery have been made... lemme' know if there's anything to fix or at least what you know. Thanks, everybody :D. Enjoy! Follow this link to buy me a hot chocolate : paypal.me/captainjakob
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Helle everyone! Now my 2nd livery is here :D. This time, with a real world livery (real registration), N2458B. Enjoy! Follow this link to buy me a hot chocolate : paypal.me/captainjakob
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Yesterday, January 3rd, the aviation industry mourned the loss of the legendary Herbert D. Kelleher. Herb, co-founder of Southwest Airlines, revolutionized the aviation industry with his new techniques and principles in 1971 with his small Texan airline, Air Southwest. The once small 3-fleet airline, then grew into one of the world's largest and most profitable airlines as we know it. Compatible with Zibo 3.31+ N8604K, in reality, is an 800 still in the Canyon Blue livery along with no scimitars. Because of this, I found it fitting as a registration. Livery features my Southwest Heart interior found in my Heart pack, Ground Power Unit (GPU), and a configuration preinstalled that mirrors the real aircraft to the best of my knowledge. Note: Some of the screenshots have the registration "N8582Z". I later changed it to N8604K, my apologies. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks and credit to PepuPilot for his nose cone numbers and GPU idea. Thanks to my friend Rowen for his sketch of Herb. This livery includes fscabral's outstanding engine textures: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48065-white-engine-for-737-800-xp11-default-or-zibo/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Free free to request liveries! Please do not redistribute this livery or parts of this livery without permission
  22. FlyAgi

    FlyAgi Sceneries

    Hello everybody, I am converting (and partially designing myself) sceneries for X-Plane 11 for about a year now and thought it would be a good idea to spread the word in an english speaking environment as well. As I really appreciate the fresh approach with the threshold forums, this is now my first choice for doing so. For avoiding some problems: All the ortophotos are licensed properly as well as all other assets, textures and whatever is included in the sceneries. All the sceneries are under constant development and will get updates from time to time and the ones listed below are completely TerraMaxx ready supporting all four seasons (for EDNQ with TerraMaxx see this tutorial for solving the ground issues). Download The sceneries are available for free and although I use a board software to drive the site there is no login required for access and download. The site is currently mostly in german (going to be a german/english hybrid) so I will directly link to the downloads pages - you just have to scroll down to the download link. Installation Installation is pretty easy, just unzip and then copy the resulting scenery folders into your custom scenery folder. Every scenery consists of at least five layers and there are reasons for this - this will not cause any trouble as long as the layers are in the correct numbered order in the scenery-packs.ini. In case of doubt, put them on top in the scenery-packs.ini and you are fine. If you Need support, just ask. I hope you enjoy the sceneries (and the other stuff on my site as well) and if there are any problems, questions or what ever, just tell me. Have fun Agi EDDK Cologne Bonn Airport by Ced Gauche This is Cedric Gauche's famous EDDK. I joined development early this year assisting in technical stuff and adding assets and tech I created and used in other sceneries before. The scenery is exactly the one you find on X-Plane.org and they are at the same Version so if you already got the download from X-Plane.org, there is no need to download again (both downloads are hosted on my server, you will get exactly the same files). EDXE Rheine Eschendorf by Jens Hicken and Johannes Schuster This is a grass airfield by Johannes Schuster, who created all those great objects, and Jens Hicken who is the lead designer as he knows this airfield very well as it is his home base (in real life of course). This is not just a simple 'conversion', the scenery covers the whole City of Rheine (including some landmarks) as well as the airport Bentlage (based on the Gateway Airport but greatly upgraded). EDPW Thalmässing-Waizenhofen by Johannes Schuster Another grass aifield by Johannes Schuster. I did all the X-Plane related stuff and added the orthophoto. EDNQ Bopfingen by Johannes Schuster Johannes really likes grass strips and so this is the next one, others will follow. Sadly, for this region there was no open data orthophoto available and the airfield just ships with a corrected land class for compensation. Lindau im Bodensee including Wildberg grass airfield by Thomas Zipfel This scenery is a conversion of Thomas Zipfel's Wildberg/Lindau grass aifield scenery for FSX, further enhanced with a large area orthophoto including the Lindau island with additional landmarks and objects.
  23. Version 1.0.0


    Marrakesh Menara Airport, (IATA: RAK, ICAO: GMMX) is an international airport serving Marrakech,[2] the capital city of the Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz region in Morocco. It is an international facility that receives several European flights as well as flights from Casablanca and some of the Arab world nations. The airport served over 4 million passengers in 2014. Menara Airport has two passenger terminals housed in one large building. A third terminal has been built. The existing T1/T2 offer a space of 42.000 m2 and has a designed capacity of 4.5 million passengers/year. The separate freight-terminal has 340m2 covered space[5] The air terminals (1 and 2) are 22,000 m2 (236,806 sq ft) and designed to handle 2,500,000 passengers per year. Menara is one of the six airports in Morocco where ONDA offers its special VIP service Salon Convives de Marque.[6] Features X-plane 11 ground traffic Accurate building placement Orthoimagery accurate HDR night lighting Custom runway textures 3D grass Accurate taxiway signs with HDR night lighting for the taxiway signs Custom Autogate (Requires Autogate plugin) Libraries used in this package include AUTOGATE CDB-Library THE-FAIB Aircraft Library FJS_Scenery_Library THE-FRUIT-STAND Aircraft Library The_Handy_Objects_Library MisterX_Library NAPS_library PPlibrary RE_Library ruscenery
  24. Version 1.4


    Since everyone's screaming for a "-700", I thought of this - Jokes aside, I've included a "standard" along with a version with a mismatched nose cone (which did fly for a period of time in reality). Liverie(s) include: HUD Textures, Custom and Accurate Interior, and a modified "700" variant. Huge thanks to pepupilot for his outstanding decals that allowed for this livery to be done quickly! IMPORTANT NOTICE: This livery is only compatible with Zibo 3.30+ and will NOT work with the RG mod. Go to this link to download this livery for the RG mod: LIVERY WILL NOT WORK WITH ZIBO 3.31+ You will be redirected to a Mediafire link in which you can download all liveries at once, rather than individually. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to request liveries! Please do not redistribute this livery nor parts of this livery without permission I also have a Heart Livery Pack! Click here to be redirected to my Heart livery pack! CORRECT CONFIGURATION:
  25. [Edit] (Sigh) Peter Tram is so quick at writing articles, here's his official version here:https://www.thresholdx.net/news/xcerjs X-Crafts has just announced their next aircraft for X-Plane 11, the Embraer ERJ135/140/145/145XR. Following the success of their Embraer 175 and 195 aircraft, they made the "logical next step" in developing their Embraer E-Jets lineup. X-Crafts has stated the aircraft(s) will be at least as detailed "in terms of systems, avionics and plug-ins" as their current Embraer E-Jet series aircraft. They have also stated it will feature their modified Tekton FMS by default. Although no ETA of release has been given (as of August 2018), the renders looks quite promising! Here's some of the pictures (Courtesy of X-Crafts) Full announcement from X-Crafts can be found here https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/155508-embraer-erj-family-by-x-crafts/&tab=comments
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