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  1. Hello, Mathio from VREF Simulations and I would like to show you and tell you are future plans for the 787 freeware we are developing. This project has started recently and we want to bring high quality freeware to X-Plane. As you can see in the pictures below, we have already started. We will make sure that you get more info along the journey and if you want to get updates earlier than others check out our discord: https://discord.gg/8p9f5Xy Kind Regards, VREF Simulations Dev Team (Stay Safe)
  2. Version 1.0.0


    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eglin_Air_Force_Base Ready take off Eglin airbase.
  3. Default Laminar 747-400 compatible liveries All of these liveries should be compatible with default 747-400 and modifications like MSparks or Modified 747-400 . If a livery is missing, please comment below, I'll give my best to add it as fast as possible. Passenger liveries: Air Canada (C-GAGL) - by MB liveries Air China (B-2471) - by Coolbub123 Air France (F-GITE) - by chang Air India (VT-EVA) - by Vishnu Warrier Air Pacific (DQ-FJL) - by PilotMathews Alitalia - by mob82 American Airlines (new) - by MB Liveries ANA (JA8958) - by matsu ANA (JA8961) - by fscabral Asiana Airlines - by Matt Air2 Asiana Airlines Retro - by baik1120 British Airways - by shang British Airways (BOAC) - by Coolbub123 British Airways (Landor) - by caisleán34 British Airways (Negus) - by caisleán34 Cathay Pacific - by rpc777 China Airlines - by songlin Corsair - by LouisLFR Delta - by H-42J Egyptair - by hemlockson Etihad Airways - by MB liveries Eva Air - by MB liveries Flynas - by X-Plane Development Pro Garuda Indonesia - by MB liveries Iraqi Airways - by YSH-DV Japan Airlines (new) - by rpc777 Japan Airlines (old) - by rpc777 KLM - by MattAir2 Korean Air (retro) - by CanariaBird Korean Air - by Darius Alexander Lion Air - by Notchmaster Lufthansa (old) - by shang Lufthansa (new) - by ich bins Lufthansa (retro) - by theplayer48 Malaysia Airlines (current) - by H-42J Malaysia Airlines (retro) - by H-42J Northwest - by caisleán34 Pan American World - by Notchmaster Philippine Airlines - by rpc777 Qantas - by H42-J Qantas (Wunala Dreaming) - by Herr_Hornbuckele Qantas (retro) - by PilotMathews Rossiya - by Spin The Globe Studio Singapore Airlines - by rpc777 Singapore Airlines Tropical Colours - by Benedikt S. Swissair - by MB liveries Thai Airways - by squawk3232 United - by rpc777 United (rainbow) - by caisleán34 Wamos Air - by dsantoy38lhr WWF (fictive) - by aviacraft Varig - by fscabral Virgin Atlantic - by squawk3232 Virgin Atlantic (old) - by David22587 Cargo liveries: AeroTransCargo - by bellcc AeroTransCargo - by supahotice Air Bridge Cargo - by Benedikt S. Air Cargo Germany - by David22587 Asiana Cargo - by MattAir2 Atlas Air Global - by X-Plane Australia Atlas Air 747-400BCF (N473MC) - by PilotMathews Canada Air Cargo - by rockthebeats Cargolux (retro) - by mystupidjob Cargolux (current) - by rockthebeats Cargolux (50 Years) - by sqawk3232 Cargolux Italia - by rockthebeats Cathay Pacific Cargo - by fscarbal Emirates Sky Cargo (OO-THD) - by user124 Etihad Cargo - by MB liveries FedEx - by Garen Evans Global Freightways - by Herr_Hornbuckele Kalitta Air - by squawk3232 KLM Cargo - by SS_Poseidon Korean Air Cargo - by Lee_Hyeon_Seo (Lee7) Martinair Cargo - by XPLD National Airliners (N949CA) - by fscabral Polar Air Cargo - by MB liveries Singapore Airlines Cargo - by H-42J Thai Cargo - by MB liveries UPS - by MB liveries Western Global - by semmemen Private Liveries Air Force One - by fscabral Livery Requests: -
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Window tint fix for the Magknight 787! (https://store.x-plane.org/B787-9-Aviator-Edition_p_921.html) Credit to Magknight for this magnificent aircraft!
  5. Today there are 2 Osprey models. A modern version with an Elbit System cockpit and a new version with the existing old cockpit, said classic, resembling the real plane. You thus have two options for piloting the MV22. The flight model is identical in both versions. The new version is the MV-22B. This is a major update. Support and questions New release V4 SASL3, Better compatibility Now with fmod sound MV-22 Osprey New cockpit. An -Elbit system- contract exists to improve the avionics of the Osprey. here are the links: https://www.israeldefense.co.il/en/node/32801 https://www.defenseworld.net/news/23070/Elbit_Systems_to_Provide_120_Multi_functional_Displays_for_Japanese_V_22_Ospreys You have a glimpse of this new cockpit. It is clearly modernized compared to the old Osprey. This 3d cockpit is inspired by displays from the company Elbit system. The links mentioned above refer to them. This plane is not an exact copy of reality. The cockpit is a personal interpretation of pizzagalli.ch. The cockpit includes all the necessary functions for the flight, it is inspired by the famous Leonardo AW609 from pizzagalli.ch Vertical/Short Takeoff and Landing "Tilt-Rotor" military version. Fully animated 3D exterior model: gear, flaps, flight controls, nacelle tilt, Stow wings, Lights, doors , Ramp. Fully animated 3d interior cockpit model: stick, throttle, rudder pedals, switches. Multiple liveries available on the X-Plane.org freeware download manager SASL plug-in driven avionics and automated systems Default 0°-90° tilt, auto flap control options can be switched off for full manual control if desired Flight manual user VR possible Texture 4K PBR. 1 models Military. Nav light selection Garmin 1000. Pilot automatic. Engine systems. Complet NAV greater compliance for flights (fuel consumption, mass transport) world tour. currently 12 liveries, others are in preparation. system required . · X-Plane 11.30+ (not compatible with X-Plane 10) · Windows, Mac or Linux · 2Gb+ VRAM Video Card · Current Version: 1 (November 1th 2019) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_Boeing_V-22_Osprey https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing-Bell_V-22_Osprey MV-22 Osprey-MANUAL.pdf MV-22 Osprey-VR-complément.pdf MV-22 Osprey-MANUAL-CL.pdf
  6. Version 0.3


    This is baartonn's reshade preset version 0.2 for X-Plane 11. Installation instructions are inside the.RAR file. It has been tested with 11.50 vulkan ves tweaked preset but let me know if it looks good with other X-Vision presets, addons like UWXP or any other cloud and sky set you have. Note: This is still on beta and any feedback is appreciated to make this preset even better (also let me know about your fps depending on your pc specs) Nothing else to say! Hope you enjoy it!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Canadian North livery for JAR Ground Handling Deluxe V1 This package contains the Canadian North legacy "Midnight Sun" livery that was used from 2003-2019. Real equipment that has been painted includes: - Ground Power Unit - Front Loader - Rear Loader - Stairs - Cones - Chocks - Van This package also includes fictional equipment that Canadian North does not own or operate, or that I did not have any references for, such as: - Cargo Pallet Loader (Loader C) - Passenger Bus Liveries were designed to be used with both the FJS 732 and IXEG 733, and are pictured in front of a Canadian North 737. NEITHER I OR THIS DOWNLOAD ARE IN ANY WAY AFFILIATED WITH CANDIAN NORTH
  8. Version b0.1


    ----------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- EGPN -> Dundee Airport (By Mathio) Thank you for downloading my scenery. RECOMMENDED!! 1. Download Ortho4XP! Makes it look so much better (Credit to the Ortho Team!) Link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PWgp33gDUQbY3uZmYbTi3ccMPLIJMQAQ/view 2. Join my discord to recommend features! Link : https://discord.gg/76bVsG2xGC IMPORTANT!! THIS IS STILL IN BETA!!!! I WILL ADD CUSTOM MODELS SOON! IT MAY HAVE SOME ISSUES USE DISCORD TO REPORT THEM. PLEASE RESPECT THAT I HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF THIS SO IT WILL TAKE TIME TO BE OUT OF BETA. NEEDED ADDONS: (THESE ARE ALL FREE) MISTERX : MisterX Library and static aircraft extension - Libraries for Scenery - X-Plane.Org Forum (x-plane.org) 3D PEOPLE LIBRARY : 3D people library - Libraries for Scenery - X-Plane.Org Forum (x-plane.org) SAM : Scenery Animation Manager - Suite - X-Plane.Org Forum (x-plane.org) RE LIBRARY : RE_Library - airport buildings and related objects - Libraries for Scenery - X-Plane.Org Forum (x-plane.org) OPENSCENERYX : https://www.bing.com/search?q=OPENSCNERY+X&cvid=b9ac7e964e2a4fcc8650775b00b7773c&FORM=ANAB01&PC=NMTS PP LIBRARY : Pavement paintings library (PPlibrary) - Libraries for Scenery - X-Plane.Org Forum (x-plane.org)
  9. This is by no means a Bash at any developers, but 2019 for me has started out seeing 2 separate posts about Harassment of developers. While I do not Condone the actions of those who Harass, Sometimes there is a valid point. This is not a Harassment Post but here is my Moans and Disappointments that i have seen. Firstly I am not a keyboard or mouse simmer , In fact If I have to reach for the mouse all Immersion for me is lost. I have spent a lot of money on Flight sim hardware so that If its a switch that's moved in a 3D cockpit I can move a switch in mine - Its not a replica of a certain aircraft more a generic I can fly most things / style of cockpit. For programming my controls I use Spad.Next and Pollypots Goflight interface. These need access to at least monitor datarefs, which brings me on to my first Point. Laminar Provide a whole heap of Datarefs & Commands that developers could use , or at least link to , Most common example Master caution cancel (Carenado) it requires a Mouse button click. Even worse some developers make datarefs private, with no command so you either need to understand how to access the dataref to read and write to it. They also provide No information on the dataref (Exception here Flight Factor 757 & 767) . Not Everyone Fly's with a Keyboard and Mouse, At least give us the information on what dataref or command is linked to what switch. It takes a good day to fully complete an aircraft profile this could be half a day if you started providing us with information. Wasted Hard drive space : We have some cracking pieces of software that turn a lonely X-Plane into something amazing, Vatsim , IVAO , World Traffic 3 , X-Life. but we the end user need to install additional files for this software to work, Bluebells Traffic (is what im thinking) but where do we install it ?? In the folder the developer tells us to use, The problem is there is no Guidelines well there is but developers choose not to follow it. Laminar gave us a Custom Data folder, why is it not Standardised that we use that folder for example Bluebells traffic files , Then it would be a case of install it once and your done no matter what piece of software you use you can find it in this folder (its done for GPS). Now I understand that "I" can create symbolic links / Junctions but this is not in everyone's ability or even have a clue what i'm talking about. Scenery: Like many others I use X-organiser its a fantastic piece of software to keep on top of your scenery. It can even show you what version of a airport , scenery , mesh you have installed. But "Some" Developers fail to insert a text file called version.txt. It is Not a difficult file to write Just place it in the root of your scenery an example V1.0 Xp11 Last Update 2 Apr 2018 Change-logs: When was the last time you saw one for the FF A320 ?? Also forum posters please don't insult my intelligence by telling us its in BETA we know we were prepared to invest money into it to Aid Development we want to Help but if we don't know whats being changed how do we know what to test / function. Lastly and this is of my own personal opinion but the BETA test itself, How long should it be ?? personally i would have thought a couple of Months Maximum , time to fully validate the product. Once it has completed a BETA then needs to come a Stable release , and a BETA Stream. Not Keep it in BETA for 2 years and introduce New Features. At the same time there is the Announcement of the Aircraft, The Hype train, "you couple the Hype Train to the its in BETA forum posters" its a recipe for disaster this is then more pressure on the Developers. This is not just in the world of X-plane this is happening, Remember "No Man's Sky" Sorry for the Long Post , and as mentioned its by no means a Bash on developers I really wish I had the knowledge that you guys have, it is merely observations and annoyances I have. Cheers
  10. Version 1.0.0


    My fifty-sixth livery! This is First Choice Airways' livery for the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate. First Choice Airways was a UK based package holiday airline which was acquired by TUI Airways in 2008. Features: Accurate rendition of G-OOAP, a First Choice Airways A320 Custom normal maps courtesy of @cessnarox Custom SELCAL code of G-OOAP Thanks to @jettojig for the awesome paintkit! Please leave a review or feedback so I can continue to improve my work. Happy Flying!
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