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Found 9 results

  1. GarrettYalch

    RealPFD for Zibo's 737-800

    Version 1.0.0


    RealPFD, an accurate PFD for the 737-800 by Zibo. What was changed? - Artificial Horizon colors - Pink object & text colors - Command Bar/Flight director cross-hare color, shape, and size - LCD display simulation (pixel grain, bloom, pixel burn-in, and saturation variation) - Many other tiny tweaks Installation Step 1: Place the "cockpit_3d" folder in your root Zibo 737 folder. ("X-Plane 11/Aircraft/B737-800X") Step 2: Merge and replace files when needed. Step 3: Enjoy a realistic and accurate 737-800 PFD!
  2. Version 1.4


    Since everyone's screaming for a "-700", I thought of this - Jokes aside, I've included a "standard" along with a version with a mismatched nose cone (which did fly for a period of time in reality). Liverie(s) include: HUD Textures, Custom and Accurate Interior, and a modified "700" variant. Huge thanks to pepupilot for his outstanding decals that allowed for this livery to be done quickly! IMPORTANT NOTICE: This livery is only compatible with Zibo 3.30+ and will NOT work with the RG mod. Go to this link to download this livery for the RG mod: LIVERY WILL NOT WORK WITH ZIBO 3.31+ You will be redirected to a Mediafire link in which you can download all liveries at once, rather than individually. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to request liveries! Please do not redistribute this livery nor parts of this livery without permission I also have a Heart Livery Pack! Click here to be redirected to my Heart livery pack! CORRECT CONFIGURATION:
  3. Version 1.0


    DOWNLOAD-> HERE After a few days of work, I'm ready to present my latest liveries. You may be wondering, "Why didn't you just update your previous livery and upload that instead of making a new post?" - Initially, I was going to simply just make my previous liveries compatible; however, I then decided to completely redo the Heart scheme from the ground up. This livery pack is compatible with Zibo 3.31+ and not RG; therefore, if you'd want to have my livery for the RG mod, you'll have to click here . I've included several differences and improvements as opposed to my previous livery (i.e. "800" nose cone text, interior, HUD, etc). Within this pack, you'll receive: N8642E: Southwest "HeartOne" (first aircraft in the new heart scheme) N8645A: Southwest "HeartTwo" (second aircraft in the new heart scheme) N8671D: Standard Heart livery N8652B: Standard Heart Livery with a mismatched left bottom scimitar (This is rare as nearly all WN Heart scimitars are painted light gray/white on the bottom scimitar) N8652B (Factory): Standard Heart Livery in the condition as if it were leaving the factory (No satcom and standard, unpainted, blended winglets instead of split scimitars) N8301J (Ex-Warrior One): The once illustrious "Warrior One" Canyon Blue aircraft was recently repainted into the heart livery; Has ETOPS insignia, and can be useful for future Hawaiian routes. N8677A: Per request, I've added N8677A; standard Heart livery Note: Liveries come with their correct configurations, preinstalled; i.e. Heart One/Two do *not* have LED lights, whereas N8671D does, and so forth. N8652B (Factory) is *supposed* to have no satcom along with only blended winglets (no scimitars). I *highly* recommend you leave the configurations alone. IMPORTANT NOTICE: This livery is only compatible with Zibo 3.31+ and will NOT work with the RG mod. You will be redirected to a Mediafire link in which you can download all seven (7) liveries at once, rather than individually. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This livery includes fscabral 's outstanding engine textures: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to request liveries! Please do not redistribute this livery or parts of this livery without permission
  4. Hi, Just took version 3.31e for a spin XP11.26. What a great aircraft! Thank you so much for all that effort put in this plane it is truly remarkable! Only noticed that after deploying thrust reversers after landing that the speedbrakes retract when cancelling reverse thrust. This should not happen. The speed brakes should retract when the thrust lever is moved forward, not when cancelling reverse and the throttles are in the idle position. I followed many advises disabled all plugins and disconnected hardware throttles and flew the zibo 738 v3.31e using keys for the throttles and reversers. The result was the same. I had the reverser keys set to “Hold thrust reverse at max”. After touchdown the speedbrakes deployed as planned. Throttles were brought to idle and thrust reverse was applied using the keys. When releasing the reverser keys , the speedbrakes retracted immediately. The speedbrakes should not stow by cancelling reverse thrust. It should take at least some forward thrust beyond idle to stow the spoilers, irrespective whether reverse thrust has been applied or not. And this is not happening at the moment. Looks to me that stowing of the speedbrakes is tied to canceling reverse thrust, which is not correct from my real flying experience on 737 (over 1200h on 737). I went deeper and researched all Zibo release notes about this issue, forums and discord channel and lots of people are reporting similar issue. https://imgur.com/a/DsPN6h5 Thanks for looking into this!
  5. Hello. I have some questions about the Zibo 3.30j2. 1. When I push TO/GA on manual approach (Both CMD off, A/T off), flight directors have to go up (to increase pitch and then make cool go around) to 15 degrees pitch. But they does not do this. Horizontal flight director is still pointing to the glideslope even after TO/GA pushed. Note, that TO/GA vertical mode works on the FMA. 2. When transferring Control Panel to "Both on 1" and then set it to NORMAL, QNH altimeter setting on the FO side equals CPTs, but Minimums - does not. Minimums must be synced like QNH. This is cool lifehack how to set minimums on both sides without setting "Sync FO side" in the aircraft settings. 3. The bug is that MACH Speed Test 1 & 2 don't work until aircraft is on A/C power less than 4 minutes. That's not true. Stall warning test 1 & 2 can be performed only on AC Power (as per FCOM) and, following the OM, after 4 minutes on A/C Power. A/C Power is not required for MACH Speed Test. So why MACH Speed Test does not work untils 4 minutes A/C power? 4. Annoying "Reset MCP ALT" message in CDU after go around without flightplan (vectors) that can't be extinguished (Using CLR button on CDU) is weird. 5. Yaw Damper has to go to OFF position, when IRS are set to OFF from NAV. This is because Stall Management/Yaw Damper (SMYD) computers need the ADIRUs input, where ADIRU is IRS + air data input. 6. When set SEL TEMP +67 (or any greater than +65, as calculated by TOPPER software for Boeing 737-800 within operable limits) RED 22K N1 becomes ---/---. I checked out, that such assumed temperature is within limits. When I try to use SEL TEMP 61, I cannot specify Derate 1 & 2, but they are within limits, derates cannot be selected. Takeoff weight is 54600 kg, Runway is 4km length WET, Flaps 1. Note, that SEL TEMP < +50 works OK. NOTE, that you can derate engines to ~75% N1. Zibo allows only to ~85-86%: 8. I see the extinguisher behind FO's seat. Could we add the crash axe?
  6. I think good idea is to further improve the differentiation for zibo 737 (like LEDs or different winglets): Honeywell MCP (http://footflyer.com/Airline/mcp300.jpg) and the newest MAX-like MCP (with white buttons highlighting instead of green), 50% Speedbrake position + Speed brake load alleviation feature (http://prntscr.com/l9m92w), max-like engine start levers (http://www.sjap.nl/wp-content/uploads/IMG_0811.jpg)
  7. KJO


    From the album: Default/Zibo 737-800

  8. KJO


    From the album: Default/Zibo 737-800

  9. KJO


    From the album: Default/Zibo 737-800


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