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AirFoilLabs King Air KA350 VR Mod

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Out of the VR Lab: AirFoilLabs KA350!

This is a the first SimVRlabs VR mod release for the KA350, compatible with version 1.0.0 of the aircraft.   I worked very hard to make things just act and "feel" as right as they can.  As future AirFoilLabs updates come out, I will try to be timely on modifying the SimVRlabs mod to adjust to any new changes.  In time, I'm sure AFLabs will make her 100% VR compatible, hopefully this mod allows us to enjoy the KA350 fully in VR until then!  It's an amazing aircraft.

What's Tweaked:

- Added Yoke control for VR controllers.

- Added VR Config file with over 80 manipulators, knobs, and switches tuned for speed and functionality

- Added Teleport hotspots throughout the cockpit and cabin

- Tweaked pitch trim wheel for better feel and function with VR controllers and/or mouse

- Fixed FMS numbers 1-3 bug


Version Information:

V100 - Initial Version of the Mod

V100a - Fixed Surface Deice switch not working with VR controllers. 


Installation Instructions:

1. For this to work, you MUST disable "Automatic Update Checking" in the AirFoilLabs product manager plugin.  If not, the files will be overwritten each time you run X-Plane.  So open that product manager and click the "..." button at the top, and uncheck the "Enable Automatic Update Checking" box.  

2. Download the SimVRlabs zip file.  Unzip the file and add the two files to your AirFoilLabs/King Air 350 folder.  Overwrite.  Save a copy of these files somewhere else so that when you do update your aircraft to the latest version, you can re-apply the SimVRlabs mod without having to re-download.

3. Enjoy!

I recommend making a backup copy of your X-plane 11/Aircraft/AirFoilLabs/King Air 350 folder. Just rename them to something like ****** Variant Old, so you can easily just revert back if you need to.


Disclaimer: This is not an officially supported AirFoilLabs update, so don't expect support from them on it. If you need help you can always ask me or just revert to your backed up folders. If you lose the old files and just want to revert back to default, just run the updater.


Useful KA350 Docs.zip

planecommandaltitudeModKA350.zip Plugin to make the autopilot altimeter gauge sync with PlaneCommand spoken commands.  Add plugins folder to KA350 root folder, overwrite if needed.

SimVRlabsYokeCenterv106.zip Returns your yoke to center when you let go of the yoke with the VR controllers, putting trims back into play for VR controller Yoke Control pilots.  Add plugins folder to aircraft's root folder, overwrite if needed.

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