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737-700U RELEASE

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Hello, friends!

The 737-700U will release this weekend. It is far from finished and also not exactly where we would like it to be on initial release. We figured that there is no real reason though to keep the lid on it any longer: The parts we are not happy with are not very likely to be replaced very soon and the plane is flyable. Hence there will be a public release sometime this weekend. Change logs and more will follow.

Very superficial change-log:

  • For all systems related updates - these are the same as in the 737-800X.
  • Many subtle and a few less subtle changes to sounds, also specifically edited for the 737-700 (e.g. liftoff, engine, on/off-load, behind wingbox), exterior/far/flyby/buzz
  • completely new textures for the whole main panel (fwd instrument panel), throttle quadrant, trim wheels, new FMC, overhead 2 incl. full PBR - correction of right tiller
  • smaller edits to cockpit textures / PBR (e.g. first aid kit)
  • new fuselage textures, new fuselage PBR, new paint-kit (not finished nor published yet)
  • edited wing & winglet PBR and textures incl. a few corrections (leading edge)
  • changed MCP displays to old-style orange
  • added liveries: SAS, United, Delta (with and without belly logo), SWA, TUI (Belgium & Germany) - added ASU model & sounds - added new decals on fuselage (apu drain, water drain)
  • added ASU model (by Jorge aka cloudybox), added ASU sounds, added ASU icons

Known issues - do NOT report, please: 

  • cabin very rough around the edges and having a few gaps here and there - this has not been worked on for quite some time. It is not advised to develop interior liveries for this just yet.
  • shading errors (3D, not texture related) on external fuselage
  • floating mystery window (R AFT service entry) (cannot be seen from all angles)
  • overhead not entirely old school 700 (in progress)

Standard view setup in stock preference files:

This is not new, just a reminder: The "documents" folder contains an image outline the standard views as they are set up on download. It may be worth to check it out before overwriting 😉




Here are a few shots of the liveries available with the download. On release, there will be lots of 3rd party liveries available as well (which may not be 100% up-to-date on release but certainly good to go, anyway).







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