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Gulfstream IV Request

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All of the work you've done here has truly made flying in VR realistic. There are a few payware developers that claim their planes are VR ready only to spend $30+ and find their implementation is exceptionally poor. Aerobask even admits they don't have any VR hardware to test their planes! This shows in their "VR ready" airplanes, which are NOT VR ready and rely on kind souls like this group and the guy that works on MoveVR. 

That said, there's a highly accurate G-IV on the .org that's excellent freeware, but with no VR implementation. Any chance you could work on this plane by ghansen? 

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Request for: Gulfstream IV-SP

Made by: ghansen

Does the addon currently have a VR compatible yoke (does it move with touch controllers)? No

Does the addon have a VRConfig.txt in the root aeroplane folder? No

Are there any switches broken? If so, how many? No.

Are there any knobs broken? If so, how many? No, but they need tuning. They are too sensitive to adjust.

Does the addon have any teleport hotspots?No

Does the addon have any touchscreen elements? Yes

Are there any broken levers? If so, how many? No Throttles only advance individually.  Cannot adjust together.

Any additional comments or things that might help:

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