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1.0.9 jetways do not animate, docking does not work correctly

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I have successfully added SAM to the airport that I am currently developing, but decided to start again as I was unhappy with the gates I'd chosen and the docking guidance system. I removed all the gates in WED and re-added the correct ones (Type 2 Solid 5m), and did the same for the DGS.

I downloaded the latest SAM update and installed that. Removed the SAM.xml file from my scenery folder and decided to start everything from scratch - but that's where the problems started.

I can successfully add SAM to my scenery, and also author the gates, however they do not animate. I can "force connect to aircraft for testing" which works fine, and there are no red bars to indicate a problem. If I go into the "Interface" and turn off "Automatically connect to aircraft" and try to manually connect the gate, they do not move. However if I start the aircraft at the gate with the engines off, the jetways are connected (albeit slightly in an incorrect place). I have chosen the correct template that corresponds to the jetway model chosen.

Also I'm having big issues with the DGS - particularly the Safegate. The model does not show up until I am very close to the gate, and then the animations all look like they're corrupt or something, as I can see something moving on the display, but it's barely discernible.


Am I the only one having issues with this? Is there some major step I'm missing? As I said before I had SAM working fine previously, but now it's just decided to not play nicely.


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