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Flickering Cockpit Lights

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I've noticed on the Acclaim (not sure about the others yet) there is a flickering of the cockpit light.  It's the same intensity and position as the regular cockpit light, even when it's off.  Occurs with certain cockpit views when panning around.  Not sure what else to describe about it, it's kind of random in terms of which view position causes this, yet there are certain positions that will always cause it (see images below).  This does not appear to be the cockpit light as the flickering is still visible when the cockpit lighting is on.  The light definitely flickers sometimes, depending on where the view is positioned, the light will flicker, almost like lightning or a possessed strobe light.  There are at least two flickering light sources - one on left side of panel and the other on the right side.  They flicker independently.


Has anyone else noticed this?


Please let me know if I can provide more info or a log file.





I've added some screenshots below - the view angle only needs to change slightly for the cockpit light to come on, but it stays on as long as the view angle remains the same.  When panning around the cockpit, the light will briefly come on/off, almost like a flicker, but it will stay on at certain viewing angles.

Light Flicker Off.png

Light Flicker On.png

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