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VR Knob Tweaker

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This program allows you to adjust the speed/sensitivity of your aircraft's knobs easily and while still in VR.  It auto-populates the knobs based on whichever aircraft you have loaded, and provides a simple slider for each knob where you can adjust the sensitivity and reload to test.  Tame those pesky knobs and tune them to your liking.  The program also creates a backup of the original vrconfig.txt file so if you screw it all up you can easily just revert back to the old one.

This program will only work with aircraft that already have a vrconfig file.  It does not modify, add, or remove click spots, or build new vrconfigs, it only is a quick, easy way to modify an existing one in an intuitive manner, with no typing, editing, or guessing, all while keeping your headset on.


Massive thanks to IanQ, Sparker, and Folko for teaching, pushing, and believing.

Instructions:  Make sure you have an updated version of Flywithlua NG.  Unzip the file, and drop both the file and the folder in the resources/plugins/flywithlua/scripts folder.  You can find the file in the flywithlua/macros menu, and you can also assign it to a keyboard key or joystick button.  Further instructions are in the program itself.

vrknobtweaker1-0-0.zip (deprecated, use latest version)

V 1-0-1 update notes:  Added switch degree manipulation as well to keep all manipulators in sync on read/write file.  Code cleanup.  Bug fixes.  UI enhancements.



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Version Upgrade, bug fixes.

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