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SAM and settings problems

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Hi guys!
It's a plaesure to be a part of this huge and warm family of pilots! I'm definitely brand-new in XP11 world as 'till yesterday I used to fly in FS9. It's an Amazing and brilliant experience. After some flights I decided to upgrade my cockpit experience improving the ground equipment and manoeuvring. That's why I've installed Sam plugin. Following the installation instructions and after have read the topics in this Forum, I cannot find a solution to my problem: there's no airport installed which works with the plugin. I don't understand the reason. 
I've put SAM Plugin and the SAM Library in the right position in my XP folder. At the gate the airplane has the parking brake on and the engines off. Nothing happens and I don't know why. I mean, e.g., at Heathrow or EDDF.
Could anyone support me to solve this problem and get my experience more realistic?
Thanks guys!!! Have a safe flight

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