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(RuSky Group) Yak - 52 - the legendary Soviet aerobatic training aircraft


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Hello and welcome. The new Russian team of modellers is preparing to present to you the Soviet aerobatic flight training plane Yakovlev 52. All pilots of the USSR, Russia and the near abroad learned to fly on this plane. Simplicity and reliability distinguished it from a variety of analogues. Double cabin allowed students to visually comprehend the basics of piloting. Our team creates this aircraft with great quality. Particular attention is paid to the work of the systems, engine and aerodynamics of the aircraft. Perhaps, the work of the most important system, the RPM (RO-2) regulator, has already been modeled. Also, Airfoils are worked out with special care, so that in the simulator with the greater degree of realism one could disturb the aerobatics. Modelers carefully recreate the highly detailed interior and exterior models using all the currently available tools in the X-Plane 11. Real pilot from the league Yak-52 will soon begin testing the first assembly of the aircraft. Work in progress. Follow the news.

Current status: 
Creating aerodynamic surfaces and airfoils 100%.
Real fuel system and fuel gauge 100 % (Change indication)
Tuning and custom logic of the engine 95%.
The propeller and its aerodynamics 95%.
Gauges logic 90%.
Modeling 80%.
Textures 80%.
PBR normal and smooth 80%.
FMOD Integrated 50%.
New 3d lighting effect for all lamps 95 %.
Windows effects from SKiselkov 100 %.


Full VR adaptation.
Flight school integrated .
Custom visual and moving camera control (walking effect).
Detailed engine and preflight preparation.
Ground service.
Custom failures.
And more.

Our channel on YouTube.

Have a nice flight, RuSky Group.






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Ok! Close beta test is started. Vocate three place. Below are the questions you need to answer and send me in personal message. We read you answer ,let's analyze and choose three beta testers for our comand. Sanks and good luck!

1) What are the speeds on which you can release the chassis and landing flap on this plane?

2) What is the maximum height at which you can fly on this plane?

3) Describe the principle of operation of the speed controller RPM RO-2?

4) What protection circuit breakers should I turn on to start the engine?

5) What are two ways to stop the engine?

6) What toggle switch can not be turned on with a hot engine, if a person is standing next to the propeller?

7) What spins the engine when starting?

9) The chief designer of the aircraft?

10) Your location?

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This Saturday, together with Mad Flight programmer Sergey (Mins), I went to the Kashtak airport, where we recorded the sounds of the Yak-52 on a professional studio microphone, photographed the missing elements, opened the hood of the plane and examined the engine. I studied all the possible components in the plane. It is a pity that he he will no longer rise into the sky. Sleep calmly legend.









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Well friends.. many of You are waiting for the release. Let me shed some light on what's going on behind the scenes. Now we are waiting for the release of the main X-Plane 11.40, as the flight model we immediately completely made for this version. Beta testers waiting for the third beta, just waiting for at least beta 11.40 hit the steam. As soon as shed light on the grated exit beta, we will know we'll make it by the target date of 30 September to test or not (Yes, unfortunately it may occur that, 11.40 made his formula amendments ) . Now we are actively finishing off all the defects found in the first two betas and finishing the plan. I can say for sure that as planned earlier in the first version of the aircraft will not enter the "custom" Garmin 296 and engine maintenance. These chips will come out in the first patches. Wish us luck and patience, forces on outcome, but we break through further. Your RuSky group!

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Dear friends! As expected, the release will have to wait a bit, but quite a bit. 11.40 never released, and is a major factor in a successful release. We want to check it out and fix it before we give it to you. Flight model in the new version, can present a lot of surprises. This we see every beta version 11.40. As soon as the final build 11.40 comes out, we will give beta number 3 to our testers for a thorough analysis. First of all, we will pay attention to our real pilots and their assessment of the behavior of the aircraft with the new physics. We would like you to get a decent product, so we will not rush. Sincerely, Your RuSky!

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