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xEnviro Development Summary


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Remember: 1.10 is a Work In Progress (WIP). What you see is unlikely to be representative of the finished product!

Development Screenshots

0.jpg.15dc6c38e273efe5200102a1d5ca9f63.jpg 1.jpg.32a322a69ed1319108c31eb5ae96007b.jpg 2.jpg.3dfdf83fc38a7d76aeb36606c5ce855f.jpg 3.jpg.1efa601d01925ff13754056e98b8b2b6.jpg 

4.jpg.18f0b46856c38ae18727b1b06734a7a4.jpg 5.jpg.3063087e556918df94d9982cb6aea352.jpg 6.jpg.cf53a71c300497d4c5be241534d47cd0.jpg (Screenshots are links! :) )

(Screenshots sorted from newest to oldest)

  • 12/06/18 and onwards - Can be found in the 1.10 screenshots section of the xEnviro club here
  • 03/07/18 - More previews of volumetric clouds
  • 23/06/18 - Test flight with xEnviro 1.10
  • 22/06/18 - More previews of volumetric clouds
  • 19/06/18 - Because the clouds are noise-generated, each one is unique
  • 14/06/18 - Haze reworked to add layers, giving better results
  • 13/06/18 - More previews of volumetric clouds
  • 12/06/18 - First previews of volumetric clouds in xEnviro


Development Videos

9.jpg.caac858ba9c9f5fc27a4527f73c2d377.jpg 8.jpg.4254758044de9140d68a6142a1998763.jpg 7.jpg.6ffd80143b8da1646fb2da2a163acca5.jpg 6.jpg.ba5849abeea08a89f20016b104842e4e.jpg 

5.jpg.48b5a9a08b16bebd0a5c3029b43ec71a.jpg 4.jpg.f57ec30a9007cad4db82e95080d88bdd.jpg 3.jpg.ec1a4132a541fe1f307696823407dc94.jpg 2.jpg.ff03eb32982ee5dba1df1bd6671d743c.jpg 


(Videos sorted from newest to oldest)

  • 28/08/18 - Volumetric clouds implemented with the new atmosphere
  • 27/06/18 - Threshold re-uploading 27.03, 27.04 and 27.05 with some extra info: Proof of concept
  • 27/06/18 - Stratocumulus cloud flow No. 2 (27.05)
  • 27/06/18 - Static flow test in clouds (27.04)
  • 27/06/18 - Stratocumulus cloud flow (27.03)
  • 27/06/18 - Flying through the clouds No. 2 (27.02)
  • 26/06/18 - Breaking through the clouds (27.01)
  • 25/06/18 - User request of a rough video of flying through the volumetric clouds to demonstrate the feeling of being surrounded by 3D clouds
  • 12/06/18 - Cloud flow demonstration that eliminates the fade in, fade out effect of 2D clouds


Development News

xenviro.net/news.php is where it's all at

Or check out this thread:



Other Stuff

1.jpg.a5803427cdc54e9578c47279ce360f20.jpg 2.jpg.7d802addc05e370a11bd217bd914d970.jpg

  • 27/06/18 - Older versions will be unsupported (as they always have been) as 1.10 takes shape (similar to "why would X-Plane 9 or 10 support continue?")
  • 20/06/18 - A small rant from one of the Facebook admins that addresses some key talking points of xEnviro


Questions & Answers

What are volumetric clouds?

These are 3D clouds that are intended to replace the 2D clouds of xEnviro. Most weather add-ons rely on 2D 'billboards,' orientating to be perpendicular to the camera view, that contains either photo-textures or noise-generated textures that get drawn in as clouds. Some common problems of 2D clouds include:

  • Clouds directly below are difficult to orientate/texture correctly. Volumetric clouds solve this
  • Lack of variation of textures. From 1.08 upwards, clouds are noise-generated, eliminating the need for textures and offering far more variation
  • Lighting is difficult to get right on a 2D object that may not necessarily be facing the sun due to its shape and position. Volumetric clouds, as shown below, can capture the light and scatter it realistically due to its 3D nature, which also offers the potential for more realistic cloud shadows
  • Flying through 2D clouds relies on temporary fog effects to give the illusion of flying through 3D clouds. Volumetric clouds, being 3D, eliminate the need for the fog effect because the clouds themselves are the fog effect, in essence!
  • Volumetric clouds also offer the possibility of a more accurate environmental effect, such as precipitation


Will the performance be better?

It is still to be measured, but the aim is to be better than 1.09.Check out this post for more info.


Will xEnviro 1.10 support Virtual Reality (VR)?

Possibly, but not yet confirmed. xEnviro has never supported VR. Any version that does work in VR for you was by chance, not intentionally.


What current bugs will be fixed?

There's no guarantee these will all be fixed, but it has been addressed at least once: jagged edges on scenery; cloud shadows above clouds; the turbulence slider; airport scenery lights; not working above 60,000 feet; and the pesky cockpit camera issues.


Will night lighting reflections and the night sky be added back in 1.10?

Screenshots show night lighting reflections may come back in 1.10, but the night sky is yet to be addressed.


Any ETA?

No. It's ready when it's ready. You know what happened last time when we pestered for a release... 1.08 was the WIP result, but everyone took it to be final.

See http://www.xenviro.net/work.php for more information.

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