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List of best freeware scenery

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On ‎9‎/‎30‎/‎2018 at 11:45 AM, Rhygorian said:

For those looking for an easy and efficient way to search for freeware & payware releases of airport scenery, I've found this link to be very helpful! Just input the ICAO of the airport you wish to search and press enter.

Wonder what happened to this site as it has been down for about a week now. 

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A really great VFR airstrip that does not seem to be in the list is LFKX  from XPFR group.

LFKX Meribel XP10.45


With the participation of cigaloi30

FRANCE (RHONE-ALPES) close to Grenoble

X-Plane : 10.45 (I have tested in XP11)

Require OpenSceneryX

Méribel is a high altitude airport whose runway has three different slopes , near a golf course and surrounded by luxury hotels and chalet-style residences.

takeoff is descending, and landing face downhill.

LFKX Altiport de Méribel MFX

15/33 1333x49 0.27nm



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I highly recommend Alexandre Mihanovich's 'AxScenery' sceneries for Brazil 🇧🇷. All of them are free (payware quality) and very accurate.

Available at: https://axplane.blogspot.com/

You can find charts and other aeronautical information on "AISWEB - Informações Aeronáuticas do Brasil" for free as well. No sign up required.

Other useful websites are Nordeste Scenery (airports in Northeast Region) and Lata Voadora (orthophoto and mesh sceneries).



AxScenery Rio de Janeiro - Santos Dumont Airport (SBRJ / SDU). One of the most challenging approaches in the world due to its extremely short runway (1,323 m / 4,341 ft) and circle-to-land approach profile. Give it a try!

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