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Inspirational speakers

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Starting off with Mark Patey on how to do business.
His twin brother built the Wilga Draco and is an equally interesting character...


find more about that plane here:


Now - this was the inspirational speach I liked by Mark.


Now - if you want to post about your inspirational speaker or video just remember the forum rules and don't get political.
Political videos and discussions are not allowed in this forum.



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What makes an inspirational speaker stand out? Someone who inspires you to live your dreams. Someone who allows and motivates you to be yourself. Provides you the strength to reach your goals. Apart from these, what other characteristics do they possess?

The following are some hand-picked characteristics of some of the top inspirational speakers:

·         You cannot become a great inspirational speaker if you do not have a story to offer.

·         You must be passionate about the subject.

·         Your voice should exude authority and influence.

·         You cannot deliver a message well if it is not appropriately articulated.

·         Inspirational speakers have effective influence over people.

·         Do not be self-centred. An excellent inspirational speaker empathises with the audience.

·         Long speeches can bore people. So, you must deliver short and concise messages.

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