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FlightJobs for X-Plane

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FlightJobs improve the X-Plane simulation experience from the point of view of the Pilots. Other similar tools place the user as an entrepreneur in aviation, buying aircraft and limiting their flights by type of aviation. The intention of FlightJobs is to simulate the pilot's work, earning money and experience to be hired by an airline company.

Below this list of current features:

  • Access your detailed Logbook anywhere through a website
  • Start and finish your Flight Jobs in a friendly X-Plane plugin (The window will pop up when you set the parking brake to remind you to finish the flight job)
  • Scores and bank balance
  • Payload your aircraft with a purpose. Learn more about carrying capacity of an aircraft
  • Plan your future flights on a list of pending flight jobs to choose from
  • Pilot Statistics with relevant pieces of information from your flights like flight time, number of flights, payload carried, last flight date, last aircraft and favorite airplane
  • A chart showing the last 6 months of your flights to evaluate your virtual money evolution per month
  • Airlines to sign a contract using your scores and virtual money
  • Aviation certificates with tests
  • Airliners ranking of higher scores. All the hired can help improve the classification
  • Create your own Airline when you have enough virtual money to buy
  • [NEW] Pilot graduation.
  • [NEW] Airline ledger with all flights data generated by the airline jobs. Fees, taxes, and charges are generated with the jobs.
  • [NEW] Pilot license requirements.
  • [NEW] Destination and alternate tips.
  • [NEW] Information about FlightJobs on Analysis page.

Some validations:

  • You can't start a job flight if there is no job activated in the Pending list
  • You can't start a job flight if you don't have any job activated for the aircraft location in XP
  • You can't start a job flight if the airplane payload is different from the active flight
  • You can't finish a job flight if the aircraft location in XP is different from the active job destination
  • You can't finish a job flight if the airplane payload is different from the active flight
  • You can't finish a job flight if you accelerate the sim time or change the aircraft location.
  • The application will validate the arrival at the destination in a short time, based on the distance.







About: http://flight-jobs.net/Home/About

X-Plane Plugin




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Hello and thank you for your plugin, I just installed it and so I am not familiar with it.

Challenge Menu, I read you do a test and added a new challenge, but he made a copy of the 1st challenge.

How was this challenge deleted or even modified?
thank you.

If it suits me when I have done a dozen flights, I will go through
paypal 🙂

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