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Captain Kitten

File structure ideas?

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File structure as it is today:


Should we make it more specific? If people use the tag feature more frequently we won't need a super specific file structure and it's a lot less work on my part. The more complicated the file structure, the more work there is for me on adding sub categories. But I have been thinking of making the file structure for aircraft more like this:

Aircraft / Airliners / RotateMD80
Aircraft / Airliners / IXEG


Aircraft /  Turboprop / RWDesigns Twin Otter


And so on. I am trying it as it is in the picture above for now, but if anyone has any ideas, please do comment.

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Interesting. I would think separating the top level "Aircraft" category from the Livery category would be good, there is a big difference between a plane and just a livery. Maybe something like this for the aircraft:

Aircraft/*category*/*PLANES GO HERE*

Then something like this for the liveries:




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I reorganized it to look like this:


I completely separated aircraft from liveries. I might put the whole livery tree under Aircraft if it gets too populated on the root tree, and that's easy. The hard part is to create new trees and get the files over from the old ones once they are populated. I would like to have this done and ready for an eventual invasion of members with upload abstinence. So any feedback - also in the form of "looks good" is appreciated. And if you have any ideas on improving it, please do voice your opinion. (Thanx for the initial input on this @Coop1019. I think this was a much better solution and a huge step in the right direction.

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