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How do I use the Seasons SDK. I dropped all content in my airport file and I can place it in WED but when I switch to a season other then deep winter the Textures stay like they should be in deep winter. Same goes for any other winter object or polygon.

It does only work when its in the custom scenery folder. will it only work when other people also download the SDK or do they just need the SAM seasons library for it to work?

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Do the following:

  • Copy the folder SAM_Seasons_SDK and the library.txt file you find inside the main SAM_Seasons_SDK folder into your Scenery
  • If you already have a library.txt copy the contents from the one provided by the package except the header (A 800 Library) into your library.txt
  • To get an independent library (recommended for payware or if you want to make changes to the SDK assets) open library.txt with a texteditor and search for the line "# export path is SAM_Library/SAM_Seasons_SDK/..."
  • Replace "SAM_Library/SAM_Seasons_SDK/" with "My_Unique_Scenery_Name/SAM_Seasons_SDK/" for all occurances (results could look like "AS_EDLP/SAM_Seasons_SDK/" for Aerosoft Paderborn)
  • Now you have an exclusive library for your scenery only and can place all the contents from the path "My_Unique_Scenery_Name/SAM_Seasons_SDK/" in WED
  • You can also modifiy all SDK contents without braking other sceneries as long as you are using your own library path

To get seasonal changes you have to use a library and musst not place the assets from the local path in WED. If you already have placed lots of stuff you can simply change resources in WED so you don't have to start from scratch.

If you don't want to ship the SDK you can also use it as a normal library. In this case just copy SAM_Seasons_SDK into your Custom Scenery folder and place assets from "SAM_Library/SAM_SEasons_SDK/" path. Of course, users then need the SDK installed as a library themselves - I recommend this if your scenery is already depending on lots of libraries so one more or less does not really matter.



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