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Airport Environment HD V2 Available Now

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It has been months in the making, but MisterX6's Airport Environment HD (AEHD) has now been upgraded to version 2.0 (under the name Short Final Design), following on from its success. The scenery add-on replaces X-Plane's default ground textures, as well as a couple of 3D object textures.

The entire package has been reworked to feature all sorts of hyper-realistic ground markings, new surface textures everywhere, new taxi sign textures and more. A preview of the new ground texturing is shown below:


Like its predecessor, V2 is free to download for the whole X-Plane community, for free. You can find AEHD V2 here.

AEHD V2 continues to show the generosity of Short Final Design to the X-Plane community, and why other developers like him follow suit in dedicating their time to create some of the best add-ons for X-Plane without charging a single penny.

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