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Would it be possible to include tweaking options for the art controls



IMO they would be very useful to control the shadow distance and they both work with the latest 11.50 beta if I set them with dataref editor. In my case I set both to 2000 and that gives me great results with ortho meshes and XE4 even on my mediocre system.

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I've been simming for many years - probably spending more time in FSX/P3D than any others - and had never really been impressed by XP, until a sale offer for XP11 suckered me in. After devoting a

The more I use FlyAGI, the more I like it! It seems to play well with my xVision profiles and whatever environment add-ons I use .... well done!!! Where (or how) do we get notified of any updates

Thanks for that - I didn't realise it was a default XP function. Mapped and working fine! I forgot about your main site/forum - now bookmarked!!! Again - a tremendous piece of work! ūüôā Adam.

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I'm currently not planning to bring back shadows manipulation as most of the DataRefs are useless in 11.50 anyway and I don't want to add a new menu with just one option to manipulate scenery shadow distance. If you want to set them automatically at startup just use the following lines in a new and empty script (a text file renamed to .lua):

set("sim/private/controls/shadow/csm/far_limit_exterior", 2000)
set("sim/private/controls/shadow/csm/far_limit_interior", 2000)

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No, the presets are designed to work stand alone without anything else but you can also try to use them in combination.

If you want the full cloud art as designed by the author you have to put the lines of the script into the FlyAgi_Tweak_Utility_Static_Override.lua in between the marked blocks so it will override FTU settings at launch. Then in FTU set the advanced clouds to 'Default', disable Auto Clouds Lighting and Cloud Level Fix and reload everything by reloading all lua scripts. Now you should have overriden FTU Clouds completely with the cloud art parameters.

The static override script is needed to make sure other authors stuff is loaded with higher priority because FTU loads up slower than most simpler script and because of that it will load it's values later and override other scripts. If you put the lines into the static override script this will be loaded last and thus have highest priority.

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If one turns off the Advanced water, will a separate lua script which determines those dtf parameters based on wind/wave strength work if included in the LUA script folder?  Alternatively, if such a script exists additionally in the LUA Script folder and Advanced Water is set to on, does FlyAGI Tweak adjust the wave parameters automatically as conditions change, as it appears to read what has been set by the script, or does it only read the status when saved in FlyAGI Tweak?

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There is no need for such a script which changes water parameters with wind changes, this is all done by X-Plane automatically with standard real weather, FSGRW or ASXP. If you want parameters from a certain static water script I recommend to dial in these values into the FTU water menu which should then give you the same results. You can then save the values to a file with the load/save button, configure another water script, save this one to another file and after that you can simply load any off these files on the fly in the water menu.

If your water script is a dynamic script and not breaking FTU by crashing lua because of incompatibility it will override the static FTU water parameters but you should then turn of the automatic wave scaling feature so they don't interfere.

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Many thanks for the reply. However, you mention if using a dynamic water script I should turn off the automatic wave scaling feature. Do you mean what is called "Advanced Water" ?  Do I need to put the lines of the dynamic water script into the FlyAgi_Tweak_Utility_Static_Overide.lua to give it priority, as you had described re the Cloud Art post above?

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don't know, if I have to open a new topic on my issue.

My system: Linux mint 20, newest XP11, running OpenGL,  plugins: sam, xsquawkbox.

All boxes are shown, but empty, except 2 or 3 at the very bottom row.

There contents are flashing, one box at a time, then a neighbour box shows content and backwards.

(can't insert a picture from dropbox into my reply - sorry, don't know why)

Thanks for any help.




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many thanks to You, FlyAgi, for answering my question.

Indeed, on one Linux-PC it is now working, after updates of XP to the newest beta-release and also of FlyWithLua.

The other PC needs some testing, but I'm good hope, I will report.

By the way: I guess that's not advisable to run FlyAgi together with 3jFPS ?

Best regards,



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Le 13/06/2020 à 17:34, FlyAgi a déclaré:

Non, les préréglages sont générés pour fonctionner de manière autonome sans rien d'autre, mais vous pouvez également essayer de les utiliser en combinaison.

Si vous voulez l'art cloud complet tel que conçu par l'auteur, vous devez placer les lignes du script dans FlyAgi_Tweak_Utility_Static_Override.lua entre les blocs marqués afin qu'il remplace les paramètres FTU au lancement. Ensuite, dans FTU, définissez les nuages avancés sur `` Par '', désactivez l'éclairage automatique des nuages et la correction du niveau de nuage et rechargez tout en rechargeant tous les scripts lua. Vous devez maintenant avoir complètement remplacé les nuages FTU avec les paramètres de l'art du cloud.

Le script de remplacement statique est nécessaire pour s'assurer que les éléments des autres auteurs sont chargés avec une priorité plus élevée voiture FTU se charge plus lentement que le script le plus simple et à cause de cela, il chargera ses valeurs plus tard et remplacera les autres scripts. Si vous mettez les lignes dans le script de remplacement statique, celui-ci sera chargé en dernier et aura donc la priorité la plus élevée.

Bonjour tout marche bien avec vos plugins c'est juste que j'ai une sorte de croix au milieu de mon écran quand je joue un Xplane11 j'ai la dernière version de Fly With Lua tout est à jour mais j'ai comme un " + "sur mon écran quand je joue à Xplane11 et j'ai aussi le menu de Fly Agi Tweak Utility qui clignote sans arrêt mes j'ai quand même pus faire mes réglages que faire comme plugin j'ai: Better Pushback; Avitab; XRAAS; SAM; Radar de terrain; Xcamera; Fly- avec Lua et AutoGate et j'utilise le Zibo 737-800 merci d'avance.

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