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Best freeware aircraft list

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This list is now an online google sheet where you can be invited to contribute. I will need a lot of help keeping this up so send me a PM for the invite link if interested. 

If you want to participate then you agree to follow these rules:

You do

  • follow this category and hopefully the other freeware lists as well
  • add aircraft as soon as someone posts a suggestion
  • either test the aircraft, can trust the poster or already know of it - to confirm its quality

You do NOT

  • change the structure of the list!
  • delete anything!
  • Add random low quality scenery!
  • Give anyone else access to the google sheet!


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Well, first and foremost, The Zibo 738x and the 737-900ER Ultimate are hands down the best freeware jetliners in XP11. The amount of immersion with features like Audiobirds sounds, more systems than the default 737, awesome looking cabin and cabin lighting (more so on the 739U right now), etc., is astounding. I can't think of any other freeware jetliner that brings so much to the table. Most consider these to easily be payware-level aircraft (by that, I mean that most freeware aircraft do not offer as much content, that you would expect something of this sort to be payware), and yet, they are free. Donations may be given to the devs.

Download links for those planes are already provided on these forums.


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