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I will be very grateful if any one can inform me in simple plane english how to put Avitab into a Cockpit, I know I am getting ready for St. Peters Call but before I go i would love to be able to follow my flight either as a moving map in a window on the screen or even on y Samsung tablet,  when I read the instructuons that I have from the download, I might as well tip a can of veg soup out and read that. All I can do for now is sit here in Hevens waiting rom watching the grass grow. and dream of following a flight and know where I am. Thank you for reading this.


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Guest Shenherm

If you are a beginner, I highly recommend asking someone if they can do it for you. It is not an easy task for a newbie.


You need a 3D modelling software (preferably AC3D) AND permission to integrate AviTab from the aircraft developer if you wish to publish the modification.  Before you begin, you must find the panel.PNG and see if there is enough room to add the AviTab to the panel you need roughly 800 x 600 pixels of space. If there is not enough room, then it is not possible to add AviTab to the 3D cockpit without contacting the aircraft developer.

If you fly in VR, you are best off to use the 2D window and position it wherever you want in the cockpit.




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