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Wow, more over a video of how its magic unviels would do more justice to first impressions rather than two photos. Good ones though... but my educated guess is that such a plugin would need near twenty-four seven development in order to sustain & ascertain credability.  It is common, rare, but not unknown that weather related addons tend to get selved after a short well; maybe deleption. (not talking about Payware ones in this case) Again, I am only speaking under subjective educated guessing and no not take credability other than my own view on this, including but not limited to degretory opinion.  I personally welcome the developer to the challenge, but urge him to realize that he has dipped into the deep end of the ocean and untapped potential area of XP development areas..  Hope he is ready and really wish him the best!    

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He's very active in our Discord and I must say I have profound respect for anyone dabbing into volumetrics. This plugin required the study of research papers, and pushes the limitations of X-Plane like xEnviro does already.

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