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Hello, everyone!

I hope you're all doing fine and are well in these special times. I just wanted to say "hello" to everyone and also clarify a few things.

What is audiobirdxp doing right now?

Due to the radical changes COVID-19 has brought, my job has become increasingly time consuming and demanding. In a way it's a blessing, considering having a good  (or any) job at all at the moment is not a given. That and the trouble surrounding the blatant theft of intellectual property surrounding the old "Ultimate" project and - more seriously - from the 737-800X I had to give up all the non-essential and sadly free work for X-Plane. I've finished all projects I was tasked except one that is still in development. 

By the way, if you are interested, you can hear my work in the excellent Leading Edge Simulation's C23 Sundowner and also Magknight's 787 (not sure how far in development the 787 is by now, but the sounds include in-depth representations of both Trent 1000 and GENx engines!). 

What is up with the 737 ripoffs available on certain facebook groups and other sites?

While we are at it, some time ago I lost the will to fight against the person who ripped of my and Zibo's and others' work for the 737 series. If I find time, I may post the unspeakable mails this person has sent my way, it makes for a very entertaining and also worrying read. That said, I'd like to clarify again that neither Zibo nor me as main content creators the 737 nor anyone else involved with development has ever, even in the slightest way, agreed to the rip-off of our work. To the contrary, very early on we tried to argue reasonably with the person responsible but it was and is utterly futile. The only reason I write about this is that I've been sent a statement by him in which he basically declares all his infringments and total ignorance of copyright etc. by  claiming that we (Zibo, me, ....) had never disagreed to him using our stuff and by crediting the original creators (which is completely irrelevant and beside the point). Just to make this clear: The very opposite is true, we very clearly denied the use of anything we created, several times, on several media.His doings are one of the main reasons development of the 737-900 and -700 went into total hiatus.

What about the 737s and other free projects?

I can only tell you that I stopped working on any of the 737s or the free Embraer packs  months ago (as published). I appreciate you guys sending mails and messages my way asking for advice or requesting liveries etc. - but I don't do anything besides finishing commercial projects anymore! Please direct your questions towards the mods or Zibo or other people in the know and you will receive relevant answers.


What about commercial projects?

I finish running projects (see above) and I can also take on new commercial projects depending on the aircraft. If you are interested, shoot me an e-mail, but please understand that I cannot take on free projects for sheer lack of time. Every project I take eats up time (very much in fact) that I work in my real bread-and-butter job and at this time it would be irresponsible especially towards my family to cut down on my actual job for labour of love like the 737.


That said, I again want to thank everyone who sends a nice message once in a while or even a donation after all this time! You are great people and I hope you all get safely through whatever the future holds for us!




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Hi audiobirdxp.

I am very sad to read this post.

I always hoped that you will make a comeback and continue with the excellent work you've done for the X-Plane community and especially the Zibo

It is so sad that one individual ruins it all for many X-Plane users.

I hoped that someday you will forget about all this drama and continue with your work.

Now Ive read that hope is dashed to oblivion.

Again, thank you for your work you've done for the Zibo.

We can't even start to measure that.

Every time I press that TOGA button, I think of you.

Best regards,



BTW....if you ever decide to come back again....we will support you 10001%



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If you are good at something, don't do it for free... as the old saying goes!  Your value to the community is priceless Audiobird; so this is welcomed news that you still regardless are at least "lingering in the shadows" and opt to continue development.  There's a time for everything and it seems certainly you have had your time thinking about your decision(s) moving forward.  I for one, are tremendously delighted and relieved to hear your presence is still forthwhile.  Make haste! 

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