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it’s been a while since anything substantial has come out of this project - we’re sorry for that. In the time we were away, we’ve had a complete restructure. When the two developers announced the exit from the 737 Ultimate development, it marked the beginning of a new chapter for the project. The core developers of the Ultimate project discussed the transfer of the project to Threshold’s product development section for continued development. After a few days of negotiations, the keys were handed over, and shortly thereafter, a new team was assembled to continue the legacy.

During the planning and early development phase, it became apparent that these 737s are less becoming a continued development of the existing planes and more of an entirely new project. What resulted from this is a completely reimagined line of 737s extensions, engineered and developed from the ground up again. We’ve worked directly with Zibo and Laminar Research to bring you the -600 to the -900 & -900ER. Each variant comes fully equipped, driven by Zibo’s code, and decorated by a crack team of developers.



As a natural progression, the 737 MAX will be covered as a standalone series in the nearer future, you can expect the same quality and immersion you’ll expect from the 737NG series. We do not have a set release date, but we will begin development of the new series once we have the NG series matured to provide a reliable platform for the MAX’s. While the 737 development was in advance, the team agreed that a new brand name to act as the successor to the 737 Ultimate would be deemed more appropriate. So today, we are very excited to introduce you to LevelUp. It’s a name that reflects our values to produce immersive planes that are accessible to all, and a promise to you that if you fly with our work, you’re bound to climb higher than ever before.

Whats your name again?

Having a new name would mean less baggage and a clean slate for a new journey, and most importantly - allowing us to explore beyond the Boeing 737. As part of this clean slate, we’re decommissioning this Club and shifting to a new one, dedicated to all of LevelUp’s projects.

Join the new Discord.
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New Club:


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