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Could the MSFS coverage be separated from X-Plane topics. Threshold was my go to site for X-Plane coverage, but now it is overwhelmed by MSFS which is understandable as it is so new.  Personally, I have very little interest in the new sim, and want to know about the X-Plane world.  This should be pretty simple.


Best Dudley Brooke

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Hi there, apologies for the late reply.

Unfortunately, it is far from pretty simple and actually very difficult to separate the news as it stands. Of course we fully understand your point and it will always be kept in mind if a solution is found in the future.

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@Dudley quite selfish comment! because you have little interest in the new sim doesn’t mean that others have little interest in the new sim as well! Some people including myself have big interest in the new sim. Thresholdx is reporting about X-Plane and also about AS-MSFS. Maybe there is at this moment just more news about the new sim and less about X-Plane, what do you think?    Personally I appreciate the balanced coverage on Thresholdx, my favorite place for coverage of both sims...oh sorry, both games!

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