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Lists are boring. So I made a full-on interactive map of the whole WORLD instead!

Threshold's Great World Map of Official AIPs with Free Charts Available™ (Phew!)

As per Captain Kitty Cat's instructions, nearly every website links to either a Civil Aviation Authority or an airport with the AIPs, so I've made it as legal as possible. There are 251 countries, territories etc. on the map, each with a colour and a description of the availability of the AIP or free charts. Whilst this may be confusing, each country has its own web address and/or some information about it. Basic definitions of the colours are as follows:

  • The map is mainly painted BLUE. This means free charts are available (hooray!) with an official AIP
  • DARK BLUE is almost identical: an official AIP is not available, but there is a suitable alternative instead
  • LIGHT BLUE means the charts may be out of date
  • PURPLE signifies registration is required to get access to the charts
  • CYAN unfortunately means you will need to purchase the AIP to get the charts, either through paper, CD or digital format. This is not free! ?
  • GREEN means an official AIP is in the process of being made
  • YELLOW suggests I can't find free charts with the AIP I have found
  • ORANGE means the AIP I have found may not be official or the latest information
  • DARK ORANGE results from a country not clearly defining the availability of their AIP
  • LIGHT RED indicates a legal body (such as a CAA) is available, but the AIP and thus charts are inaccessible due to the specified reason
  • RED indicates no AIP is available, and thus no charts too
  • BLACK means that there are no airports, they are not commercial or have been abandoned

If you think something is wrong with the map, report it to me! I will not be checking all 251 territories every day, so I will rely on you, the general public, to keep it nice and accurate. Also, if you think an island or territory needs to be added, feel free to shout!

Fun facts! This map took quite some time to make and required quite a bit of research into whether an AIP was available or not. Through this seemingly boring activity, it was actually quite interesting: I found countries and islands I never knew existed and the history behind some of them; I gazed upon some amazing pictures I came across; and through it all, I learnt the UK probably has the best official AIP charts available...

Some interesting territories: Wake Island in the middle of the Pacific used to serve as a base for Pan American as far back as the 1930s; Monaco has an AIP because of one heliport; there is a strange line in East Africa of AIPs requiring a purchase; finding AIPs for islands in the Pacific was surprisingly easy; the total size of the United States of America's AIP is ~4.5GB... Things like that

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Nice work but I have a question, are you shure that registration and use is always fair in the case of a civil aviation authority? If you look at what seelenkrieger shared it actually specify that it's ment for the general pubblic but if you look on the enav link provided for italy it speaks only about flight crews and professionals collaborating with enav

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