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Ultimate 737-700U Tutorials

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To Whom It May concern:

    I recently posted a topic, concerning that the Ultimate 737-700 wasn't working properly in X Plane 11.50.  I need to clarify my position regarding my last post. I'm having problems opening and closing the passenger cabin entrance doors. I have no idea how to open them.  The Air stairs won't deploy, since the doors aren't open.  When I select the ground crew alternative, the cargo doors open.  If I deselect this option the cargo doors remain open. Normally open and closing doors are accessed via the FMC.  Seems that's not possible with this model.  The aircraft in my personal opinion is outstanding; however my ability to perform the cold and dark procedures is becoming frustrating.  I've flown other X Plane 11 models (Piaggio Avanti P180, the default Baron 58 and the Cessna 172 etc.), without any problems.  It's the Ultimate 737-700, assuming Zibo developed, is given me problems. My question(s) to anyone experience with this model is:


1. Is there a complete tutorial on initializing the aircraft, from start to flight completion; anotherwords is there a flight sim Boeing 737-700 edition I can use?  Video tutorials as well as PDF information would suffice.

2. Are the door (Cargo and passenger, cabin etc) commands mapped beforehand, in X plane; anotherwords do I have to appoint a key, to open the doors on this model?  On the other X Plane aircraft I fly (Mentioned above), I can open the doors without keyboard mapping.

3. The Avitab pad (Electronic Flight Bag) installed, doesn't have a page for opening or closing aircraft doors.  Is there update to this avitab or flight panel that has that specific page, for door commands, for this model, or is this only applicable to the 737-900U?  Is there a payware FMC I can purchase, which simulates door opening and other FMC selections?  Thrust Me I don't mind paying for them.


I would really welcome a response, from anyone who has successfully flown this aircraft.  Again for anyone who response, thank you for your timed and patience.😎









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