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At my wit's end

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I've fought a losing battle with "scenery_packs.ini" for a couple of year now and was wondering if there was a definitive, foolproof method of getting those items to stay in place.  I've tried several solutions even buying into 'XOrganiser' but nothing seems to work for long.  A lot of time has been spent rearranging things with airports/scenery areas (Orbx)/libraries/meshes and it all looks terrific.  A couple of flights later I find my selected airport missing because it's no longer in the airports section at the top.  It seems like a similar system to old FSX and I never had trouble with that. 

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Option 1 - Learn how X-Plane uses the scenery_packs.ini file


Option 2 - Get the payware version of XOrganizer


Option 3 - Always keep a second copy of X-Plane on your computer - Just in case anything goes wrong with the main version.

Sounds like something is messing up the files.

My solution is to name all airport folder names with A-Airport Code-Airport Name,  for example:

       A-NVVV-Bauerfield International

If you then delete the scenery_packs.ini and then start X-Plane, the file will be re-written with all of the airports listed alphabetically above most other files.  Then you need to make sure Orbx Ortho and any other ortho and mesh files are below all airports.

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