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I was playing around with the avitab trying to get used to it, when I pressed on somthing and it was then on the screen no longer in the cockpit, it worked realy well and showed me the area I live in, problem is I do not know how I mannaged to do this can anyone help please

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Avitab is a  piece of software that can be switched on and off.  I usually activate it in the cockpit, but have also used it in external view when  wanting to follow map locations.  It tends to sit on screen where you put it.  My preference it to have it in the top corner of my left side screen on a triple screen setup.

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AviTab tablet toggle via Plugins is a moveable box and has the same functionality as the ones with integration via a 3D eFB for example.  Or displayed on the EICAS in f.e. Sparky744.  

But I feel as if I did not answer your question.  Nor, did I feel I understood it.

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