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Toliss A319-A321 CABIN MOD SETS future updates

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Dear Captains,


Currently I prepare the popular Cabin Mod A319 version and also the update of the A321 Cabin Mod.


Lessons learned therefore I want to ask your opinion and help. I need inputs because there are not enough information on the internet.

And I realized, I spend too much time to do research instead of preparing the cabins.


What cabin layouts would you like to get?

Which airlines are using that layout and where can I reach info sources such as pictures, exact airbus version, etc?






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Wow. The last screenshot impresses me very much. Great progress in textures and model in just a few days! Especially the premium cabin with the implented glass dividers and seat textures looks good now.

The cabin lighting is a little bit too much for me but should be caused by the limitations the overall lighting structure of the Toliss models. Something like Matavia-Mod-Lighting for Toliss could work and would be awesome, but i might think that is a very own sophisticated project beside this mod.

Anyway. I'm already hyped for your shown JetBlue layout. As i'm living in europe i am not that familiar with dedicated premium cabin layouts in narrow-bodies yet. So i can't recommend any specific layout now.

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7 hours ago, Airdrigh75 said:

Thanks. They use the same seats as the American Airlines for Transcontinental flights. I already prepared. Therefore I am definitely going to make a La Compagnie layout.

Do you know which exit configuration they use on their Neo?

Check out SeatGuru. This is their layout.


From a cursory Google Image search, that looks to be more or less their layout + door config.

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On 2/13/2021 at 9:51 PM, Elibelideli274 said:

I would love to see the Condor Cabin Layout, which is basically just Economy Seats, but the Jumpseats are only in the front and in the Back and the Passenger Seats are not arranged like the Standard Seats of the Toliss 321 are. I will put a Seating Plan in the attachment.csm_02_1225_airbus_321_200_seatmap_2288x522_2x_e7bfaea7b4.jpg.09f00629477d5386f4f667c74a495d29.jpg

No Jumpseats at the emergency exits? Do you have pictures? If yes please send me them in private message.

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19 hours ago, Trollforce said:

Awesome as always. Any ETA? 🙂

Late spring. I want to do a wider range and cover as many as possible cabin options. Also found a solution to not touch the acf for the installation and it takes time to be implemented.

in the meantime if there is any not obvious info about cabins, I would appreciate to get it in priv. What is essentially interested, high quality photos on seats especially the leather or textile covers. Furthermore the position of the jumpseats and other additional cabin furniture or equipment.

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